now i know my s-u-s-h-i-s


self-made top, Bloop Endorse skirt, earrings from Pasar Festival – Jakarta.

seems like i’ve started my 2015 by sewing a few fabrics featuring my favourite things. first dogs, and now sushis.

sushi and i went a long way back. the first time i ate sushi, i hated it. i was about 11 or 12. it was a kappa maki (cucumber roll) and i got food poisoning right after, that i swore i would never eat that horrible food again! (i still don’t quite like cucumbers to this date.)

but one day in high school, my bestie offered me her sushi. i think it was the tako nigiri (octopus sushi), she taught me to use the right amount of soy sauce and wasabi. ooooh, now we’re talking! yes, i fell in love hard with it. then i couldn’t stop it! i wanted to eat sushi all the time, haha! after that, every time i got close enough with a potential boyfriend, one of my first “tests” would be taking him out to eat sushis. if he could take it, then that definitely meant we were compatible. luckily for me, i got a sushi lover as a husband. 😉

so finding this fabric made me smile… it’s a Robert Kaufman fabric, from a collection called “Chopsticks, Please!”. and i bought it without knowing what to make of it. this was, oh, 3 years ago?

sushitopdetail1finally, as usual, the perfect pattern came to my fabrics’ life. i had wanted to combine this sushi fabric with remnants of this stripey jersey, and the pattern no. 127 of Burda Style magazine 10/2014 issue looked just about right.


picture borrowed from

i only had about 1 m of the sushi fabric (110 cm wide) and scraps of the jersey fabric, so i knew it wasn’t going to be enough for a dress. but a sushi top is just as welcome!

sushitopdetail3i added a band on the hemline like you would to a sweatshirt. for the collar i used a ready-made bias tape i got from my late Grandmum’s old stash. i always like adding a small thing from her stash to my sewing project, it makes me feel as if she’s there with me (i believe she is). as always, sewing an exposed metal zipper was fun & super easy.


the sewing only took 3 hours. it was one of those quick ‘n easy project.

sushitop2on the pictures, i wore the sleeves folded upwards once. i think it looks nicer that way, not too baggy. i made this again in 1 size smaller than my current size, and still it looks oversized. not that i mind a room for movement.

sushitop3mm-hm, i again fell in love with sushi, my sushi top this time. next time i go to a sushi place, it would be fun to wear this top… and try ordering sushis based on the print of my top. 😀 it’s certainly a good way to learn your sushis.


8 thoughts on “now i know my s-u-s-h-i-s

  1. LOVE this! And I love how you paired two different fabrics :)~! I love the idea of sewing what you love- it’s one way to ensure that you can always wear whatever you want because you can create whatever is in your mind! Too cool!!

  2. It’s so cute. Yes, you need to got to a sushi place wearing this 🙂 Sorry you got ill from the cucumber. Choose some without it. My husband don’t eat cucumber. It makes him feel terrible.

    • thank you! i can actually eat cucumbers when there are other flavours, too (not just plain cucumber or cucumber sushi). but i agree with your husband, because it also makes me feel terrible. 😀

  3. yohoooo….. As always, I am so amazed at how you can nicely combine different patterns and colours. Really love it! (And it’s so typically you, to find a sushi patterned fabric 😀 ) Keep it up!

    • haha, thanks! it takes a while (=years), but sometimes i accidentally see 2 different prints after years of having both fabrics together and they start to form ideas in my head. 😀 another reason is that i want to start using all these fabrics i’ve had stacked up in many piles over the years… so i’m kind of forced to improvise, using 2 or even 3 fabrics at once. 😀

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