one week of unforgettables

can’t believe it’s only been a week in 2015 and i already had a few unforgettable moments!

i’m officially on a holiday from work, and right after new year’s eve we went on a cruise to Stockholm. yes, you read me right, cruise to Stockholm, again. for the past few years now we’ve been having this same kind of cruise at least twice a year. you would think that we would have seen it all.

well, actually, that was what i thought, too. until these two things happened on the cruise.

on the second night on the ship (on our way back to Helsinki), i was already asleep because we had been walking around Stockholm that whole day. my husband had warned everyone about this coming big sea storm that night, which would start once our ship hit the open sea. trying to avoid getting seasick, i thought i had better slept early.

in the middle of the night, my husband suddenly woke me up. i immediately panicked, thinking we had to evacuate the ship (like, if something got damaged from the storm or something), but my husband was just saying, “i think we can see Aurora”. my sleepy head tried to make sense of what he said… who the hell was Aurora, and what did i care about another woman?? it took me probably half a minute to realize that he meant the northern lights. THE aurora!

i quickly jumped out of the bed and went to our cabin’s window, which was looking right to the north of Finland. it was really unlike any other thing i’ve seen before, and it was so surreal (i did just got up from a deep sleep!). it was thin and sometimes became so invisible, but when it was visible, it was greenish/bluish and sometimes a bit dark yellowish. and there it danced in silence in front of us, so graceful and mysterious. ❤

of course this happened when none of us brought a better camera, and with our mobile phones/iPad we couldn’t capture the northern lights at all. so we just enjoyed it on the spot with our own eyes and since this is my first time of ever seeing the aurora, i know that i’ll always remember this.

after the dance show from the aurora, i went back to bed… and shortly after that, it was time for the second act of this drama: the big sea storm.

i mean, yeah, sure, i’ve been in sea storms before. the night before, we actually also encountered one, in which the waves were like 4-5 meters high. and let me tell you, that was nothing compared to what we had the second night!

our cabin was at the highest floor of the ship (11th floor), and the waves were so big that they came splashing on our window glass. during this kind of time, it helps to have a window in the cabin. even though it was almost pitch dark, luckily the moon was shining so bright we could still see the horizon. not that i got up from bed, though. the swaying of the ship was so much and so hard that lying down was my safest position, because i really had no intention to throw up from the seasick.

at one point i finally fell asleep again and thought i heard the ship’s horn. almost right away i felt the ship halting abruptly and heard my husband cursing… and then our cabin window crashed and i could hear the sea water coming in. i forced myself to get up, the ship was sinking! i did finally got up, and found that i just woke up from a nightmare. ugh.

luckily, the ship wasn’t sinking. unfortunately, the storm hadn’t passed yet, so back to swaying in bed i went!

the next day, as we finally arrived home, safe and sound, we checked both things from the internet: the northern lights (was it real?) and the sea storm (just how bad was it?).

the northern lights was real. 🙂 there was a strong solar wind that night that the northern lights was seen in the central Finland. we were in the south of Finland, but since we were at the sea, we could see all the way to the aurora which was on the central Finland. so, even though we had no pictures to prove it, the data showed that we weren’t hallucinating.

the sea storm was really quite bad, with 10 meters high of waves. 10 meters. that’s like higher than 3 floors of modern day apartments. and we survived it! 😀

so now i can proudly wear a t-shirt that says: “i was in a sea storm with waves of 10 m high. not only did i survive, but i also saw the northern lights!”



calm before the storm. pics taken from the windows of our cabin, at around 2.30 pm Swedish time… waaay before we saw the northern lights and experienced the storm, of course.

yep, 2015 looks promising so far! 🙂


10 thoughts on “one week of unforgettables

  1. Ufff ! I’m happy I was not there. I truly dread the storms at sea. But it would have been just awesome to see the northern lights. It’s really long since I last saw any. They are stunning. So glad you arrived back home safely.

    • yes, it truly was a wonderful experience, seeing the aurora. and to think that this is just from afar. i’m sure i would be at a loss for words if i see them closer. 🙂

      i hope i never have to experience a sea storm that big again, but if i knew that i would get to see northern lights again, i guess i would change my mind. 😀

    • haha, yeah, just ignore it! 😀 the funny thing is that when my husband warned us about the storm, i was like… yeah, okay, so there will be a big storm, so what? and when it actually happened, i unconsciously got so worried that i had the nightmare. :p

      happy new year to you, too, Oppie! hope you’ll come back to writing your blog soon, i miss reading it! 😉

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