meet my new boyfriend

dear boyfriend, i just want you to know that you frustrated me so much. you pis**d me off when i had to do the same thing over and over again just so you would look appropriate. you put me this close to tears that–i have to admit–the thought of breaking up with you crossed my mind so many times. and the thing was, i was not even sure you were the right one for me. i was angry and frustrated because i didn’t even know if we would be good together.

but when we were done stressing each other out… you were a dream come true.

everybody, meet my new boyfriend jeans. ❤


Details tank top, second hand blazer from Pasar Senen – Jakarta, Gina Tricot scarf (worn as belt), self-made boyfriend jeans, Just Kulkith shoes, mum’s old necklace from Africa.

denim, or jeans, is another fashion item/material that’s been in my ‘no thanks’ list for a long time. i wear them from time to time, but always only when i feel too lazy to dress up. to me, denim pants are for when i’m stuck with no idea of what to wear for the day. yes, it’s a good and laid back enough solution for a lazy day, and you can still dress it up if you want to. i truly understand the multifunction of it. what i don’t like is how it feels to the skin. at least i can forget about denim in all sorts of shape when i’m in my home country, because combined with the heat & dampness… ick. i don’t want to imagine it. and even here, when it’s winter, some denim types just make my skin itchy (i guess from the dryness). so those are my reasons for not loving jeans. and because of these reasons, i rarely get myself any jeans. when i do, i make sure it’s crazy cheap.

up to some weeks ago, i would just laugh on her/his face if someone tells me to make my own pair of denim pants. i won’t wear them that often, why would i spend time, energy, & money to sew one myself? (yes, at least in here, making your own denim pants cost more than buying ready made ones from H&M and the likes.)

all that changed when i saw a fellow seamstress’ self made denim pants. it made me want denim pants… and made me want to learn how to do it myself. what a shocker!

i wanted a normal, plain pair of jeans. no rips, no acid wash, none of that. something relaxed and comfy. unfortunately, i can’t draft my own pants pattern, and that pattern making book i got as a birthday gift doesn’t have any trouser pattern drafting chapter either. so i am forced to buy a pattern. seeing that it went so well for this fellow seamstress, i got the same pattern as she did, the Wyome Boyfriend Jeans pattern from Named (a Finnish company, yay!).

now the problem was that denim materials are so damn expensive here (this is me talking, who never gets fabrics that cost more than 10€ per meter!). one meter of fabric easily costs 16-18€, and i needed at least 1,5 m. i wasn’t ready to pay that much for something i wasn’t even sure would go successful. as you know, my sewing machine had just got revived from the dead, and denim is quite thick & hard to sew, it might send my sewing machine back to the dead. but a trip to the pre-cut fabrics department saved the day. i got 1,7 m of stretch denim fabric (110 cm wide) for 13€. phew.

then there was the topstitch thread. this would be my first time ever of doing a topstitch. since i decided that it would be white, i got myself the bear thread instead (the one usually used for upholstery and stuffs) since it has the same thickness. for the buttons, i couldn’t find ones that look more unique than just any ordinary denim button (and again, one fricken button costs 1,30 € already, geez!), so i ordered them from this Etsy shop. this would also be my first time ever of hammering denim buttons. oh the excitement!

following the suggestion from that fellow seamstress, i cut the pattern for the size 40 (i felt so big! that’s the biggest size i’ve ever cut for bottoms!) because i wanted it to be a bit baggy. i also made it about 15 cm shorter than the original length, because i’m quite short. everything went quite smoothly until i had to do the first topstitches. i don’t even want to go there, but let’s just say, i probably won’t be making another pair of denim pants any time soon. when it came to the very end, topstitching the waist band and sewing the belt loops, i decided to do them by hand because i really don’t want to kill my sewing machine. i managed to ruin 2 of the denim buttons before finally succeeding in attaching all 5.


2 days of stitching and swearing, they were done. i tried them on… and finally my smile came back. to me, there is really nothing that compares to the feeling of wearing something i made from scratch, especially when i know exactly how much energy was put to it.

when you see the bottom side of the topstitches, you’ll actually see how my sewing machine struggled to do it. the bottom thread became loopy no matter how high i set the sewing tension, but whatever. as long as i can wear the pants, i’ll wear them proudly.

i also did not add any interface at all, because i was so afraid that if i did, my sewing machine would not be able to sew those parts at all. i should have done it though for the button hole part, because now as you can see, it gets a bit curly from the stretch and holes. ah well. if there is ever a next time, at least i’ll know better.

just for the record, i have no idea whatsoever why this type of pants is called boyfriend jeans. i mean, first of all, i know the logic, it’s supposed to look like you borrowed your boyfriend’s pants. but i mean… unless you’re dating a supermodel boyfriend, i find it hard to believe that someone actually shares the same size as their boyfriend (or that they wear only one or two sizes different with each other). but that’s probably because i never had one. my boyfriends had always had way different sizes than me, so i don’t understand this name. second of all, what the hell is the difference with the ever so popular baggy jeans of the ’90s? or just plain loose jeans?

i suppose they will still remain as mysteries to me, but i’m at least enjoying this boyfriend trend. i’ve had enough of skinny jeans this, skinny jeans that, show your bu**hole crack here and whatever else. with these loving boyfriend, i can let out a sigh of relief and just be.


boyfriendjeans3so, boyfriend, looks like we’re going to get along just fine after all. 🙂

14 thoughts on “meet my new boyfriend

  1. What planet am i from ? I have never heard the expression “boyfriend” about jeans or maybe it’s an age issue, I’m too old 😉 I too applaud you, great job, looks so good, professional result 🙂

    • hahah, don’t worry, you don’t have to know it. let’s just call it loose jeans, they’re technically the same anyway. 😀 and thank you so much for your lovely comment! really appreciate it. 🙂

  2. I have read they are referred to as boyfriend jeans as they have more of an androgynous style, more masculine if you like, with the dropped waist and less fitted at woman’s curves. Basically like men’s jeans. Sounds cuter from a marketing point of view to call them Boyfriend Jeans, than say Mans Jeans or Masculine Jeans. Basically less feminine than your average female Jean. 😏

    • cool! i guess i get where the name comes from, just that looking at what the stores offer when they say “boyfriend jeans”, they kind of look the same as baggy jeans, or loose jeans, which are also less fitted & a lot like men’s jeans. 😀 you’re right, of course, the name boyfriend jeans just sounds much cuter!

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