this week started with some disappointment for me. no, nothing happened to me or anyone near or close to me, but 2 things happened almost at the same time in 2 different parts of the world that broke my heart.

the first one i heard was about this woman at a hospital, waiting for her child who had typhus, dengue fever, and measles all at once. the child was only 1,5 years old. before admitting her child to this hospital, she had tried 3 other hospitals, all of which asked for a payment upfront (common for hospitals in the country where this happened). she’s a worker at a factory, so she doesn’t make that much money, which made it impossible for her to pay for those other 3 hospitals upfront upon admitting her child in. she was under a lot of stress since her child was very ill, and she did not know how in the world she could pay for all those hospital bills later, and since she had been waiting on her child at the hospital, she had missed work for days and was afraid that her boss was going to fire her. after a few days, the woman’s misery ended tragically. her child passed away.

the second one i heard was about another woman, with 3 children of her own, aged 1 – 6, who were all killed in an accident. that alone was sad enough, except that after further investigation, it was found out that she did it purposely. first she drove her car, with her 3 kids, to chase a bus where her lover (also the father of 2 of her children) was traveling in. she eventually managed to stop the bus, got in, and had a heated argument with her lover in the bus until the driver of the bus asked her to leave. she then drove her car past the bus, and somewhere after that she turned her car around, and sped up towards the bus to end her & her children’s life. the argument that the couple had was mainly about childcare.

where these things actually happened does not matter. those are true stories, that’s all there is to know.

i know that there are even worse news all around the world everyday, and i don’t usually even want to talk about it in my blog. this is supposed to be a ‘see the silver-lining’ kind of blog, after all. yet, i feel like i need to write these two down. maybe it’s because they happen so closely to each other, and in both stories, the victims are similar: little children. none of them happened in a country at war, and in both situations their lives were somewhat cut short consciously by adults. i don’t know. and i really don’t want to judge these stories, or the people in them.

i’m just brokenhearted. the truth is, this happens everywhere in the world, daily. it’s not that i just suddenly realized that fact, but i guess i just realized more and more how inhuman we humans have become. and at the same time, a human’s life become less and less appreciated. some are consumed by money, some are consumed by their own ego. it’s sad, seeing where we human beings are going to.

i guess i wanted to write this to remind myself, and anyone else who cares to read, that there is more to life than money and ego. i’m hoping that we humans are still capable of loving even without those 2 things. and lastly, on this All Hallows’ Eve i am praying for all those departed souls to rest in peace.

PS. i’m aware of different situations that people might have, mental illnesses, or physical, terminal illnesses. please know that those are not what i meant here, i apologize beforehand if my post offends anyone.


4 thoughts on “brokenhearted

    • those were exactly my thoughts as well when i first heard about these stories. i didn’t and still don’t get it. but i don’t know what else to do now that the deed is done than just remind myself never to let money, power, or ego rule my life…. i know it’s easier said than done, but i can try. 🙂

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