smiling on the weekend

the last few weeks has been crazy busy at work, i promise that i’m going to enjoy this weekend. so to put a smile on my face, i watch these music videos by the Japanese band, World Order.

i first got to know about this band around a year ago, when they put out their newest music video on YouTube to promote the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo (or maybe, rather to ask fellow Japanese whether or not they’re ready for it.)

seeing the first few seconds of this video made me laugh. there’s just something funny about the way these men, wearing their formal suits, dance the way they do. it reminded me of my real life Japanese friends or ex-classmates, who at first glance would always seem so serious and then–when i least expected it–suddenly made a funny joke or remark.

before i knew it, i got hooked to this band. i searched for their other music videos and found even more funny ones. fyi, they don’t use special effects of any kind in their music videos, all they do is dance… but it’s a special kind of dance. 😉

but more importantly, i also then realized that this band actually talks about serious stuffs in their songs. i don’t speak Japanese, so if you’re thinking that you need to understand Japanese to know what i’m talking about, don’t worry: they always put the important messages as a text, in English. or, they would sing some sentences in English.

the messages are usually to remind us how we’re all the same, have the same rights, and that we should also treat others with the same respect no matter who they are. they’re simple messages, but in my opinion, they mean deeper than songs about partying all night long and the likes. just like this band’s name, i for one hope that they will keep the world in order!

i mean… how do these guys do it? how can they keep a straight face while they’re dancing? 😀 after a while, i stopped asking these questions, and just enjoy their songs. they always give me happy & positive feeling. if you’ve seen one of these videos, you’ll understand that it’s hard not to smile upon seeing them! 🙂 (my personal fave is the rotating upper torso at the restaurant in the Imperialism video, LOL!)

PS. the links to these videos are borrowed here just for personal use, everything in the videos belong to the World Order band. visit their official website to find out more about them.


6 thoughts on “smiling on the weekend

  1. …really enjoyed watching their videos… (as in roaring out in uncontrollable laughter!!)
    I even posted the link of one of their videos to my FB, hahahaha……………
    Good, amazing choreography!

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