(back to) 1 year

exactly this day, one year ago, for the first time, i finally stepped in to the house where we have now been living in for a year. we had packed our stuffs for days before that, and on this day, one year ago, i actually went to work just ‘normally’.

but instead of going home to our old house, i was supposed to come home to this new one. since our stuffs were still packed, i could not even go straight home to our new house yet. instead, we ate dinner first at my mum-in-law’s. all the while, i was so excited to see our new house, and everyone else on the table were saying how it (our new house) looked so nice. all i wanted to do was eat quickly and go ‘home’.

and we eventually did, of course, and my husband let me open the door myself.

when i did… i felt like Dorothy when she opened the door of her house to see the colourful world of the Munchkinland. 😀 well, okay, of course i’ve seen colours everywhere, it didn’t suddenly turn technicolour just after i opened the door, but it was like seeing a new world i had not been into, though the packed stuffs all around the house were familiar.

the night continued as we cleaned the house, and then unpacked, unpacked, and unpacked. we had to return the rented moving boxes in 2 days time, so there was a deadline. the next day was spent for more unpacking and a bit of arranging the furniture. when the man from the moving company came to collect the boxes, everything was in place, the boxes were all empty. we were so proud!

and that was the beginning of the count for this new house.

ever since then, we have added more stuffs, rearranged the furniture again multiple times (= my husband’s hobby. sigh), also of course gotten to know the surrounding area by going out for walks and biking.

so far, we’re loving this place. there are tiny minuses about the area itself (compared to our previous one), but they are easily compromised by the so many other pluses of the house itself.

the funny thing i just realized after taking these pics was that when i was back in college, like, 14 years ago, i had this dream/obsession about my future house. i would flip through the Ikea catalogue, write down a list of things i would like to have in my future house, and i dreamed that the theme colour of my house would be all white.

lo and behold, 14 years later i am living in my dream house. 😀 almost everything there is from Ikea, and at least our bedroom & my workspace is almost completely all white (to be completely honest, the colour theme of our house is black and white, but the black is dominant in my husband’s workspace). strangely, my instinct when we go shopping for our house was to get colourful stuffs (because i love colours), but my husband always reminded me that i can still be colourful in the clothes i wear. i’m glad he did that, because otherwise i wouldn’t have even remembered about the dream house i had wished for when i was younger.

so here’s to one year of living in our new place, and hopefully many happy years to come!


9 thoughts on “(back to) 1 year

  1. Really nice environment you’ve made of your house! Thumbs up!
    Speaking of dream/obsession, I also sometimes remember that way back when I was in uni, I felt some connection to Bali, and now I live there 😀 So I believe people can “see” their own future…….

    • either “see” the future, or subconsciously trying to reach the future. btw, some nights ago i saw a dream where you, Mbak, & Freya are living in a new house with a small detached pavilion in the backyard. 🙂 so i hope i do can see the future. 😀

      • Yeah, right!! I keep fantasizing that later we will have a modern house, with a part of it in ethnic style, which will be our work studio (maybe that’s the detached pavilion).
        Or maybe you can “read” my dreams? Hahaha, let’s hope it’s the real future 🙂

  2. Ooh.. nice and tidy collection of clothes, books and dvd. Put me to shame of my absolute mess of a house. Hahaha! My house is mostly white too but the accessories are colourful. I have a yellow room, black and white room and primary colour room heehee.The background is definitely white, the stuff is either IKEA, old belonging, or things from charity shop.

    • i’ve seen glimpses of your place through your blog, and believe me, if it weren’t for my husband, i think my place would look a lot like yours too. i love the colours! 😀 the one who keeps it tidy = also my husband. hahaha!

      when i was in college, i could only dream for a house full of Ikea stuffs because there wasn’t Ikea there & it’s such a trendy brand. then i moved here and realized that Ikea is one of the cheapest places to get stuffs for your home. :p but still! i got what i dreamed for! yay!

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