eye see, eye like, eye… make

first there was the big hit.


Kenzo skirt from Fall/Winter 2013 collection

then there was the trend.


left: Mango Scuba skirt; right: & Other Stories Scuba skirt



both images: from Japanese Cutie magazine 12/2013

and then there was the perfect fabric. and yes, btw, this one fabric i just had to buy new. but, my way of making it up is by not letting it wait in the closet, but sew it right away. 😉

and lastly, there was the way. for my last birthday, i got this book from my mum-in-law. okay, so she asked what i wanted and i, for once, didn’t say something like a new bag or new clothes etc., but thought of my future a bit. i have always wanted to learn how to make clothing patterns of my own, and my husband thought that i could just learn it myself instead of going to some school. at least, i could try it first. so i told my mum-in-law that this book looked good. and it IS good, oh, i’m so glad now that i have it!


the notebook you see next to that text book is my so-called design book. it’s nothing fancy, i usually would just doodle there when i got an idea of what to make. i would toy around with several different ‘designs’, until it finally looks perfect in my eyes. i have to draw it, you see, because i’m terrible in visualizing something in my head. i have to see it. then, if the ‘design’ is something more complicated than what my poor brain can digest, the drawing also helps me to figure out the steps i need to make in cutting the fabric and sewing it. that page shows you where the idea for the Just Cavalli top was born, and also the tarot/hippie t-shirt… and now for this skirt.


H&M t-shirt and swimming suit, self-made scuba skirt, stockings from Plaza Semanggi-Jakarta, Bianco shoes, Miffy watch, necklace from Metro Dept. Store-Jakarta, earring from India (attached to necklace).

this was my first time working with scuba fabric. i’m not sure what the differences are, but i somehow believe that scuba = neoprene = bodycon. basically it’s like lycra jersey/knit but thicker. because it’s thicker, it’s easy to sew. and it also has the sturdiness like cotton fabric compared to the usual lycra jersey. but still, it’s stretchy so for example, i didn’t even need to put any zipper or elastic band on the skirt, even though it’s tight-fit on the waist.

this was also my first time of altering a pattern ‘the right way’. up to now, i’ve only altered ready-made patterns by feeling, sometimes making many mistakes until i finally succeeded. the text book i got helped me to make the circle godets on the skirt in just the perfect shape. i’m so happy & proud!

eyeskirtdetail1for the hem, i didn’t even sew it at all. it’s enough if you can cut it neatly, because another plus point for scuba fabric is that they don’t fray.


at first, i was tempted to make the skirt into a full circle. but then i thought it would be too easy. :p so i started to look for inspirations and came across the many versions of scuba skirts in the stores and the ones i saw on my Cutie 12/2013 magazine. i decided to make the godets not as high as the store versions, and the skirt not as mini as those in the magazine (i still want to be able to wear it for work!). for the basic skirt pattern, i used Burda Style’s pattern no. 126 from their 12/2013 magazine.



if i can be honest, i actually like my version a lot better than the original Kenzo one. the print is crazier, which suits me, and the godets are bigger, which suits me as well. 😀 and, it’s all made by myself. ❤


8 thoughts on “eye see, eye like, eye… make

  1. Bravo, bravo……. *long applause*
    You’re making much progress with the designing and sewing!
    Love the skirt, love seeing your long hair loose 😀

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