between summer and fall



self-made dress & tights, second-hand long sleeved shirt from Pasar Senen – Jakarta, pearl collar from Indonesia Wholesaler store, Superdry satchel bag, Mango boots.

just a simple dress i made in the summer. the first picture was taken when the days were still H-O-T here, i couldn’t even stand being outside for the photo shoot. hence it was taken in our work room that has AC. didn’t really like the result of the photos, so i decided to retake them. however, now it’s already semi-fall, so i figured, why not style it differently as well. so there’s the summer style (left) and the fall style (right).


these kinds of dresses are very easy to dress up and down. i made it in viscose, so i can easily wear it for summer (breezy) and also fall or even winter (warm & snuggly when layered). i fell in love with the feather print on the fabric, and viscose is always nice to wear (though it’s not so nice to work with… sigh).


picture borrowed from

the pattern i used is from the September 2013 issue of Burda Style Magazine, pattern no. 109. the original pattern calls for a much longer hemline, but since my fabric was sort of limited (as always, since i got it from the ‘fabric pieces’- section), my version is a shorter one. and all i can say is, thank goodness for the step-by-step instruction with illustration, otherwise i wouldn’t be able to understand how to do the sleeves!


other than the sleeves, this pattern is actually quite easy to figure out. the plus side is that there are no closures needed at all (no buttons, no zippers!), just slip into the dress and you’re done!


now for the down side: i don’t know if it’s because i made the dress one size bigger than usual (i believe i’ve gained quite some weight lately) or if there’s something i did wrong, but the armholes sure feel kind of big. but i guess it’s not such a serious problem.

this now marks my 12th sewing project of the year. this fabric was already bought last year, so i’m still keeping my so-called year 2014 resolution. however, with this pace it seems like the total amount of my sewing projects by the end of this year will just be around the same as last year’s again. oh well!


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