oldies, but not that old

it’s been raining quite a lot here in Finland for the past week, but believe me, after continuous heat for more than a month, i for once am not complaining!

whenever it rains, my mind goes back to the past. when i was small, rain was something nice. until one day, i forgot how old i was, but i was still pretty small, i woke up and felt water on my hand that was hanging down from bed (i was sleeping on the lower bed, the kind that you pull out from under the other bed, where my sister slept. so my hand was practically on the floor). i was so startled that i called my mum right away. it turned out that our house got flooded. unfortunately, our house was not the only one that got flooded. perhaps thousands of other houses in Jakarta these days get flooded every year, so really… it’s not that big of a deal anymore.

so, ever since that time, and many more floods afterwards, i always associate rain with panic. panicking for yet another flood that will hit our house, for yet another thing i would have to say goodbye to if the flood was that bad and washed away some book or drawings that accidentally got left on the floor. for cleaning up in the aftermath. gone were the days when i could just relax and fall asleep while listening to the raindrops.

all that changed when i moved here. now i can just calmly see the rain from our balcony, no matter how hard the rain is. i can even just go to bed with no worries that flood will come to our house. except that now i can’t hear the raindrops at all from our bedroom, thanks to the thick Finnish home windows. 😀 ah well, it’s a problem easily solved when i open the window, so, again, i’m not complaining!

but still, rain brings back old memories. and as my mind goes back, my head starts to play tunes from the past as well. i don’t mean old songs like from before i was born, of course, but those that accompanied me while i grew up back home. Indonesian songs from the 90s, to be precise.

as always, when i’ve heard the tunes too many times inside my own head, it’s time for me to let it out here in my blog. so here they are, some of my nostalgic tunes.

PS. none of these videos nor songs are mine, neither am i claiming them to be. they belong to the artists, i just borrowed the links from YouTube for my personal use.

8 thoughts on “oldies, but not that old

  1. hmmm, sounds a bit like what I am experiencing here in Bali now. Now I can sleep peacefully even when it rains, no fear of flood anymore 😀

  2. Very nice music. Something to listen to on a rainy day. Good thing here is that even if it’s raining cats and dogs there are no that bad flooding as the one you described.

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