a tiny visit to the countryside

every year, my husband’s big family from his dad’s side celebrates the summer by having crayfish party, aka rapujuhla. we always have it at my husband’s grandparents’ summer place in the countryside.

this is now my 7th summer here, so i’m starting to get the hang of the party itself. and eating the crayfish… it takes work, that’s why some people don’t like it, but i love it. i think there’s something very rewarding once i get to take a bite on the meat. yummm.

this year we went there with the train. it’s not that far away (it took about 2 hours per direction), but away enough from the bustling city life. an old friend of mine wanted to see the landscape, so i promised to take some pics for her.

these first ones were taken from inside the trains. however, since the train moved quite quickly at times, some pics are quite blurred. the second train’s window was also a bit dirty. but anyway, you can click each pic to see a small description of it.

next pics were taken from the summer place itself, or kesämökki. it’s basically a large area of land consisting of 3 cottages with bedrooms, 2 sauna cottages (each also has small bunk beds), and 2 dry toilets. all of them are separates, scattered around the land (yep, all of them owned by my husband’s grandparents. lucky us, eh? 😀 ). again, click the pics to see the descriptions.

it’s not the modern kind of kesämökki as some people have around here, but i like it nonetheless. you can really feel the difference of life here than in the city. the whole place was built circa 1970s-1980s, if i remember correctly. and yet everything is still in good condition, like it was only built yesterday.

no pics of the dry toilets, and if you know what they are, i’m sure you’ll understand why. 😀 i still can’t get used to it yet, no matter how many times i’ve been here. no pics of the crayfish either, because it gets complicated when you’re eating crayfish & trying to take pics at the same time.

i had a great time, as always, except that this time there were so many wasps… and they were all drunk from the heat or whatever. not a very good combination. but thankfully, we survived the day with no stings.

on the way back to the city (with a car this time), we passed a small airport. my husband & his brother insisted on visiting it.

and this wraps up my summer holiday as well. can’t believe how fast 3 weeks went. time to get back to work now, but luckily Finnish summer is still here with us for a while. 🙂


have a good Finnish summer night!


7 thoughts on “a tiny visit to the countryside

  1. Well, you sure are so lucky to “have” this place to go to every summer!
    Now that I have a good look at the pics, I want to ask you something: the building on the right in the pic of the set table for crayfish party, is that an outhouse or the sauna cottage? (and i think i can see the top of some ladder peeking above the roof on the far side of that building… LOL…. who else pays attention to such details?)
    The landscape on the last pic looks nice to me, because of the large expanse and seeing the moon…. i remember the long summer nights there 😀
    And do u remember our “country trip” to Jog-jogan almost every year?

    • ah, that’s one of the buildings of the dry toilet. 😀 i don’t know what that ladder thing is… didn’t even notice it myself when we were there.

      of course i remember Jog-jogan. that villa feels like a luxury to me compared to this though, because of the “normal” toilet, LOL.

  2. I wonder if it is very common for all Finnish household to have kesämökki ? All Finnish friends I have here they always go to their family cottage in the summer… What a luxury!! I love the countryside pictures so much Puni..it is so whimsical I can live there but of course I want a real toilet if that’s possible. Btw does it smell so badly or is it bearable? hahaha. Lucky you having 3 weeks of summer holiday 😮 😮 *envious*

    • about kesämökki, yes, it is very common! i think it’s everyone’s dream to have one at one point of their lives. even if you can’t afford one, there’s plenty that are available for rent. these days people have real toilets there, some cottages are even so big and modern that they just look like normal houses. i actually like this simple one, you really feel the difference between a normal house (=everyday life) and mökki (=holiday feeling). 🙂

      actually, dry toilets are hygienic & they don’t smell that much because there’s the dirt/ground that we use to bury the… um, ‘human dirt’. 😀 what makes me uneasy usually is knowing/seeing that our ‘dirt’ is there since they don’t go anywhere (unlike when you flush the toilet, they disappear from your sight & your mind).

      and btw… we normally have 4 weeks of summer holiday here in Finland, but i took 1 week separately last June, which is why the second part was ‘only’ 3 weeks. plus, we have 1 week of winter holiday. 😉 still, we feel that it’s not enough!

      • Hahaha that is so medieval! but of course it is very good for the environment. I think it is a brilliant idea to compost human waste, at least we finally have something to give for the nature lol instead of destroying it. Lucky Finnish people, so many holidays! 🙂

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