reading the tarot reader

after all these years, i do still read my tarot cards. and after all these years, my Fantastical tarot cards still haven’t failed me. (to read about my background in this whole tarot thing, click here.)

i still love seeing tarot card decks whenever i see them on display.

last time i went to Stockholm, i went to my fave clothing store, & Other Stories, with a mission. they were having summer sale at the time, and days before we left for our holiday i already noted down the things i wanted to get. it was for my own birthday present, you see. so while we were waiting to check-in to our hotel room there, my husband said we should just go to that store, “to get it over and done with” (= his exact words. men and shopping really don’t go hand-in-hand, do they?). but whatever. i wouldn’t want that to get me down, because i had actually been waiting for these items to go to the sale rack for exactly half a year.

and luck was on my side, because they actually still had these things i wanted to get.


the first one is a blouse… with tarot card print! can you imagine this tarot reader’s excitement when she first saw it online? it was quite expensive for my taste in its original price, so i decided to forget it. but i guess it was meant to be that they finally marked this down and there was still my size left in the store (there were only 2 pieces left, one was 3 sizes too big for me, and the other was just my size). it’s made of viscose crepe, very comfortable to be worn even in the summer. 45€ was the original price, and i got it for 22.50€.

the second item i got was from the same collection.

it’s a 100% silk scarf, with the size of approximately 80 x 80 cm. this was also on sale from 35€ to 17.50€ (i just checked, now it’s even cheaper at 11€). you probably know me well enough to know why i wanted to get this scarf, but i’m still going to spell it out.

because i wanted to turn it into this.


self-made shirt, Benetton shorts, MercuryDuo bag, leftover from silk scarf worn as headband.

i combined it with another fabric for the whole back side, neckline, & hem, and voila! i got another piece of clothing with tarot card print. 🙂


a close-up of the lovely print

there was even a small piece left unused, so i use it as a hairband. i didn’t use any pattern for this. since i love, love, LOVE the print, i didn’t want to add too much detail to the front side of this shirt. but for the back side, i decided to add a bit of a twist.


yep, i painstakingly did braids on the back side’s upper part. first i cut the part that i wanted to have braids in vertical fringe (like when you make fringe for a Native American costume), and only cut the bottom part of that area without cutting the left most and right most of the fringe (because they’re for the sleeves). and then i made braids for every 3 strands, and sew the braid ends onto the bottom part of that area. it was tiring, but i kind of like the hippie-feel of the outcome. my husband summed this shirt best: the front side is a Gypsy, and the back side is a hippie. 😀



tarottop2the fabric i used for the back side is cotton jersey. i found it on the sale box of a fabric store, full of dirt and discolour here and there… it was only for 2.60€ for a big piece of it! after washing it in hot temperature, the dirt and discolour disappeared. 🙂

the bag that i used for the photo shoot was a free gift from a Japanese magazine called Cutie. it was another find from our last trip to Stockholm, when we were walking aimlessly in the Old Town and stumbled upon a bookstore called Science Fiction Book Shop. it has manga, novels, anime dvds & blu-rays, kits & models, and to my pleasure, a section of Japanese fashion magazines.

so you see? my cards never fail me. ❤

12 thoughts on “reading the tarot reader

  1. You did it again! Love the “twist” at the back. Can’t believe you had the patience to make the braids!! Well, I can see you have been super productive during the holidays 😀 Congrats again on yet another successful piece of clothing!

    • thanks! i had the time because i was on my summer holiday… which is ending now. 😦 discipline is another thing i don’t have, i usually just force myself to do it and curse along the way. 😀 i’m a grumpy & impatient seamstress, but at least i get them done!

      • ooh, if you only knew how much fabrics & patterns i have in my house… 😀 i lift my hat off to you for being able to sew roman blinds. the best thing about sewing clothes is that even if the seams are a bit off, you won’t see it as clearly as you would on a curtain or roman blinds. so give yourself a pat on the back for being able to make those!

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