beige is not my colour

it just isn’t. my skin colour is too close to it, so if i wear beige clothes, it would look like i’m ill or something. that’s why i never got myself any beige-coloured clothes.

but when i saw this fabric one day, something told me that it would be okay. that i would look okay in it. and as always, when a fabric spoke to me, i listened. so i ended up buying it.

one year later, i turned it into this.


self-made dress, Ted Baker Taffety purse, Spirit sandals

the base colour is beige, but since the print is pretty dominant, it doesn’t “feel” like beige. it has leopard skin print (ha! again, leopards!) that gradually evolves to flower print. thanks to those other colours in the print, i can actually wear this beige!

leoparddetail1i don’t know if you can see it from the pics, but one of the print colours is actually gold lamé. gold leopard, imagine that! that explains why i got the fabric, don’t you think?


the left image is of the drape (no hemline there), and the right one is a close up of the hemline (sorry for the blurry pic).


leopard3for the pattern, i used Drape Drape 2 book’s pattern no. 2, called “one-piece side drape top”. even though the name is “top”, i actually wear it as a dress (i did not even alter the hemline, it is just this long… or i’m just that short). it’s asymmetrically shaped so that the drapes are only on the right side of the dress. and they weren’t kidding when they named the pattern “one-piece”, because the pattern actually is just one single piece, as in, there’s only one side seam (left side) in the whole dress. nifty, eh? so i completed this dress in about 2,5 hours. such a fun project for the summer, perfect for an impatient seamstress like me!

the only thing i altered was the fact that i added sleeves to this dress. the original pattern was sleeveless, so it was supposed to be a tank top. since i want to be able to wear this at work, i added small sleeves. worked like a charm!


6 thoughts on “beige is not my colour

  1. Another fantastic creation. Good you heard the fabric speak to you. I love the print, leopard-flowers, the colors, I think the hemline for this dress is just perfect, also I like the small sleeves. The dress looks so good on you 🙂

    • LOL, yes i always hear them (the fabrics), sometimes when i’m already going to sleep i can still hear them, and that’s when i knew i had to buy them. bad habit, i know, hahaha. thanks again! 😀

  2. You heard the fabric well 😀 It looks good on you, the pattern and colors do suit you well. And of course the design of the top is a really good choice. Am always amazed at how you can turn out nice stuff with your sewing skills. Bravo!

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