being weird

cavallitennisJust Cavalli and 1920s-1930s womenswear for playing tennis. what do you get when you mix them together?



self-made T-shirt, second-hand knit skirt from UFF, Crocs ballerinas

i’m still on my long holiday, and my hair is getting ever so longer, and i want to cut it but i don’t know what style i want it to be, and it’s been so so SO hot here lately. hot and damp. so pardon me if i wanted to have a bit of fun and did something different with my face (and hair).

i heard that bleaching your eyebrows really make significant difference to your looks. i’m not ready for such a drastic change, so i opted for a safer way: putting concealer on my eyebrows. (so no worries, my eyebrows are intact!) i think what they said is true. my husband thought i looked scary with no eyebrows. well, good! at least it’s different.

when i met my niece Freya a few years ago, she was still a bit over 3,5 years old back then, there was a time when i put my hair up in a small ponytail. my hair was quite short that time, and i never put it up on a ponytail except for that time. my niece, upon seeing me, said, “you look weird!”. she said this in a good will, meaning no harm, and i understood that she meant that she had never seen me that way before. so i corrected her, “not weird, just different.” after that, i went on giving her a small speech about how being different is not the same as weird, and that being different is a good thing. i’m sure she didn’t really understand it as she was still so small, but nonetheless, i think these days different things don’t make her say “that’s weird!” anymore. 😀

now about this sewing project. let me begin by telling you how happy i was when i was able to get this fabric for such a bargain! it has a tiny faulty, so it became a lot cheaper than the original price, but i can guarantee you, it’s authentic Just Cavalli fabric.


yep, it’s real!

it was a small piece, yet again, probably around 70 cm. it’s a crepe polyester fabric, so it has a bit of stretch in it.

while i could’ve gone for a safer & easier choice like a skirt, i of course decided that i want to make a shirt out of it. and not just any old shirt. i wanted it to have cut-out details and to combine it with this tulle fabric, just to jazz it up a little.

and of course what happened next was a disaster. i couldn’t figure out how to make the cut-out holes nicely without doing so much work over and over again, and after struggling to finish it for 2 days, i finally left the project untouched for about a month. i got so depressed and lost all my confidence in sewing altogether, thinking that if i can’t make this simple shirt, how would i ever be a good seamstress?? and another thing is that i’m the kind of person who just can’t seem to move on when i encounter an obstacle. i like doing things in order, so when i was stuck with this project, i couldn’t even start a new sewing project, because i felt like i just had to finish this one first. :p now THAT’S weird.

but last week, i took a deep breath and finally took this project out from the closet again. i re-worked it as best as i could, stitched some of them by hand, and finally now it’s done.


the cut-out holes are just how i wanted them to be.

i didn’t use any pattern for this, of course. just cut the fabric, sew, and when it failed (it happened multiple times with this one) i improvised as best as i could.

i have no idea how the hand-stitches are going to withstand the washing, but whatever. i’ll think about those problems later. right now, i want to celebrate the weirdness!



cavalli3PS. if you’re wondering why my face looked shiny in the pics, that’s because i was so sweaty during this shoot. if you must know, in our balcony, the temperature was 38C at the moment of the shoot, and the sun was shining directly to my direction.

PPS. the collage of pictures on the topmost of this post are made of images that do not belong to me, only borrowed from other websites for my personal use.



8 thoughts on “being weird

  1. Bravo!! It came out really well, I like it! And I admire your creativity and persistence in finishing this project, my thumbs up again for you!
    Speaking about weird, for me the “weird” thing is that in the photos it looks as if you’re floating a bit above the floor, it has that effect on my eyes 😀

    • haha, i guess it’s because the background is in black & white and my feet shadow disappeared or something. 😀 thanks again for the thumbs! 🙂 now i’ve finally moved on (in terms of sewing)!

    • aww, thanks! yes, i made it myself. as i once said in my comment at your blog, i’m just crazy for prints (and mixing them together), so i couldn’t help falling in love with this one. if you’d like, feel free to check more of my self-made clothes under the “My Sewing Projects” menu. 🙂

      and as always, thanks for dropping by!

  2. Waktu itu mama cerita soal alis loe and she got it completely backwards. Katanya A bilang alis loe aneh, jadi loe pakein concealer biar keliatan rapi (karena nggak mau bener2 ditrim atau dicabut or whatever). Gue sempet mikir, buset, kalau alis loe “yang gak seberapa” aja dibilang aneh, apa kabar alis gue? Setelah baca entry ini: ealaaaaah. Jauh bener penyimpangan beritanya. =))

    • LOL, kok bisa jauh gitu ya? tapi berhubung lo pas baca ngga salah ngerti berarti bukan salah penulisnya dong, hihihi! A mah ga pernah komen soal penampilan, kecuali ya pas gue ilangin alis pake concealer itu, kekekekek, baru deh dia serem. 😀

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