all in favour for covers say aye

i don’t know why, but i like finding new artists (musicians) to like and obsess about. to be honest, i am actually one of  those people who have a hard time listening to music these days, as in, pop music or whatever else from the hit list. but i try to force myself to listen to other music than those i like (classic/80s-90s) while i sew, for example, just so that i have some music in the background to keep me going, without having to really like or dislike it. and sometimes, i do hit the jackpot by finding some newer artist that i actually can appreciate.

among these rare jackpots, lately i’ve found some real nice covers (of new songs and old songs), nice enough for me to mention here. and yes, i’ve been so obsessed with these lately, it’s time to put these numbers down in a blogpost just so they get out of my head. 😀

the beautiful thing about covers is that the songs are usually already embedded in my brain, and yet i’m given a chance to listen to it from a new dimension, so to speak. some covers are just so-so, meaning that they resemble the originals so much, that i don’t feel touched by them. but some are actually quite different, they are giving the songs new meanings. i can never say that these covers are better than the originals, because, well, they’re just different. i like both the originals and covers. but there are some cases in which i actually never cared for the original until i heard the cover and fell in love with it.

like this one, a version of Losing My Religion by Lacuna Coil.

the original is an old one from REM, that you can listen to here.

i didn’t specifically like that song from REM back then, it was just okay. but listening the cover from Lacuna Coil made me love it! i think it’s because they gave a new depth to it, and their rendition is rather gothic, which explains why i like it. 😉

but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything darker or more gothic makes me automatically like it. for example, i like this cover of Love Will Tear Us Apart by Nouvelle Vague:

the original from Joy Division is somewhat darker and haunting (and i love it so! you can listen to it here), but i very much enjoy this beach-y cover as well.

but where are the new ones, you ask? so far all the examples i’ve given are covers of songs from the past. again. well, that’s because the newer songs i listen to are quite new, nobody who’s established enough has had the time to make covers of them. but here’s one super talented guy who does covers with his electric violin of newer songs:

this one is his cover of Daft Punk’s Get Lucky, which you can listen to here. Bryson Andres is a one-man show, he uses some sort of loop pedal instrument to record parts of his playing that will then act as the “background music” to the rest of his playing. you can see it from his other videos (like ones where he plays on the streets, so you can see the instrument i’m talking about), but i am a fan now already! another confession, i used to listen to Vanessa-Mae. so i do have a thing for violins.

that particular video i gave the link to up there is the first take that he did of that song, so there are of course some imperfections here and there. but i think he’s going to get big! can’t wait for his album to come out. 😀

before i found out about this guy, i’ve listened to Vitamin String Quartet covers, and i think they’re amazing too. if you like violins & other string instruments as much as i do, and also enjoy rock/pop songs, maybe you can try their tribute to Fun.’s We Are Young:

the original can be heard here. they have hundreds (if not thousands) of other covers/tributes, including that of The Cure, Guns N’ Roses, Garbage, Gotye, Lana del Rey, Lady Gaga, to name a few.

okay, so what about parodies? oh, i love them, too! 😀 i grew up listening to one of our local parody bands in Indonesia, called Padhyangan Project. and then, of course, there’s the notorious Weird Al Yankovic, which my husband also loves. so here’s one of his latest parody which hit me in the right notes (or words)… because i hate Word Crimes as well! 😀

the original song is called Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke, and if you really must, then go see it here. (i wouldn’t though if i were you, just hearing the first row of the lyrics from the actual song already made me roll my eyes.) for this one, i must say that good old Weird Al’s version is much much better!

and to wrap this up i’m just gonna give another link to another one from Bryson Andres, a cover of Counting Stars:

the original is by OneRepublic (listen to it here.)

if you have any discoveries of good cover songs, past or present, do share it! i’d love to hear them. now, off to bed!

PS. none of these videos nor songs are mine, neither am i claiming them to be. they belong to the artists, i just borrowed the links from YouTube for my personal use.


8 thoughts on “all in favour for covers say aye

  1. Haven’t yet listened to the links you listed, but something caught me: “so i do have a thing for violins.” I think you would have so loved to be a student of our music guruji now in JNICC, cause he’s a violinist (& vocalist) …… and every time in class we accompany his violin playing on tabla!

  2. I think I have heard a lot of covers these days. I think Constantines’ attempt to sing Islands in the stream from Dolly Parton was cool. But if I have to choose one, it is definitely The Man who Sold the World by Nirvana (original sung by David Bowie). Nouvelle Vogue is brilliant, I have their CD and from them I got to know my a kick ass French artist/singer, Camille. She sang “in a manner of speaking” a cover from Tuxedomoon. So wonderful! Btw, thanks for the vids. I enjoy them a lot 🙂

  3. Love Nouvelle Vague’s covers. Juga The Bird & The Bee yang album tribute to Hall & Oates (Freya suka minta setelin untuk tidur). Untuk Beatles gue suka cover2 di OST I Am Sam. Julia yang di-cover A Girl Called Eddy juga suka. Carpenters, album keroyokan If I Were A Carpenter. Maybe I’m Amazed (Paul McCartney) yang di-cover Jem di soundtrack OC.

    Walaupun sama2 suka nyari covers, kalau gini baru deh keliatan perbedaan selera kita ya? Hihihi..

    • hahaha, emang kan gue lebih suka yg gelap2 dan rock2an, lo lebih suka yg kaleman, walopun menurut gue sih kita berdua bisa menikmati musik apapun, ya toh? 😉 jadi bagi2 tugas namanya, lo nyari yg kalem2, gue nyari yg keras2. 😀

      maybe A Perfect Circle’s version of Imagine is just the perfect bridge for both our tastes?

      • Hahaha nggak juga sih, rock2an juga gue suka (kalau inget dulu loe denger gue teriak2 dari kamar nyanyi metal). Yang Carpenters kan lebih keras dari aslinya. Cuma mungkin sekarang kebutuhan gue denger musik lebih banyak buat kerja, jadi condong ke “lebih kalem” :p Mungkin lebih tepat keliatan “beda angkatan” dalam hal ini.

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