dark days


just some new sewing projects. the shorts are made of metallic jacquard fabric. metallic fabrics are in, or so i heard. quite proud of how the zipper turned out, probably the best zipper fly i’ve ever done so far. 🙂






second-hand blouse from Pasar Senen – Jakarta, Lip Service dress (worn under blouse), self-made shorts, Hot Topic net stockings, Mango boots, Next watch, non-branded and vintage necklaces.

i used Burda pattern no. 7909 and added the length so they would be appropriate enough for me to wear at work.

crosslacedress1another sewing project i just finished. fell in love with the fabric, as always, since it reminded me of 90s cult/gothic style. this one took a bit longer to sew than my other recent sewing projects (about a whole day to sew, plus a few hours to trace the pattern on the previous day), because i combined it with lace fabric.



i had to cut the lace fabric according to the lace shape so that i could use it as hemline, and sew it in a curvy wave shape (around 3 cm zigzag upwards and downwards) to the bottom of the dress. i also put a layer of lace in between the 2 layers of the collar. yep, it was a hard work, but i’m so proud of the result.


pics from this book were not taken by me, just borrowed for personal use.

V for this dress, i used the pattern V of Stylish Dress Book Vol. 1 (or Ihanat Mekot ja Tunikat as this Finnish version book is called). i omitted the front pocket and changed the style of the sleeves since i used a different material than the pattern suggests. i also made the hemline a lot shorter.





self-made dress, Hot Topic net stockings, Mango boots, Next watch, non-branded and vintage necklaces.

so dark and gloomy, but then again, it is still technically “winter” here (though it has been quite sunny lately, thankfully!). and guess what? it’s now March, and i’ve done exactly 3 sewing projects so far this year. i would need to catch up soon if i want to stick to my target of sewing more this year than last year!


2 thoughts on “dark days

  1. Thumbs up again!! Dark surprises 😀 I love the lace “peeps”, gives the outfit a really unique look. And I admire your “courage” to sew the jacquard fabric.
    BTW, is your makeup also in “Gothic” style?

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