roll, roll, cinnamoroll

it’s official: for baking, in my mum-in-law i trust. πŸ™‚

i wrote here that rumour has it that the infamous cinnamon roll/cinnamon bun originated from Sweden/Finland (= korvapuusti). prior to my moving here, before i even dreamed of going steady with my husband (let alone marrying him), i used to go out with 2 of my closest girl-friends from college. we would go window-shopping, and then go to a small cafe just to talk about absolutely everything and anything. and our faithful company had always been, you guessed it, cinnamon rolls.

so when i heard the rumour of its origin after moving here, i had a secret dream that i would be able to make it myself one day.

last November, instead of making gingerbread cookies (we usually make Christmas cookies at the end of November or on the Finnish independence day here, which is in early December), my mum-in-law agreed to teach me how to make cinnamon roll instead.

i mixed the ingredients as per her instructions, and then when they came out from the oven, they were ‘A’ perfect!

naturally, i asked for the recipe. didn’t get it until some weeks after that (and yeah, i’m a newbie in baking, so i’m the kind that holds on very, VERY tight to recipes), but with all the business at work and then my winter holiday, i didn’t get to try it until today.

we were grocery shopping and i smelled a whiff of bakery stuffs… and got reminded of buns. asked my husband if he’d like some home-made cinnamon rolls (of course he would), got the missing ingredients and hurried home.

this time i did it all by myself, occasionally asking my husband for suggestion (because i’m an amateur, and he had seen his mum making it since he was a toddler!) for the things that i remembered doing when his mum instructed me but i couldn’t find in the recipe. well, my mum-in-law did say that she has been doing it so long that she doesn’t even have any recipe in mind, so what she wrote down for me is basically just a guideline.

but anyway. after being nervous when i thought the dough didn’t rise… and finding out an hour later that it DID rise, and it’s become so big (!!), quickly finishing it and putting them in the oven… my smile grew wider when i finally took the tray out the oven.

it was a success! my lovely cinnamon rolls, from my own hands!


cinnaroll2they were soooo good, like no other cinnamon roll i’ve eaten before! (okay, if you don’t count the ones my mum-in-law makes.) since we ate them right after i baked them, they were still warm and puffy, not at all hard and dry. the texture inside was so soft, and it did not make us feel too full after eating a lot of it. i would probably just add a tiny bit more cardamom next time, but otherwise this was such an achievement for me already. πŸ™‚

the best thing about learning to make this is that the recipe can be used to make dozens of other buns. it’s basically the same ingredients that you need to make other buns, so once you ace this, you’ll be able to try making other Finnish buns, and even pies.

next one for me to try: shrove buns (laskiaispulla)!


9 thoughts on “roll, roll, cinnamoroll

  1. Woooww, bravo! Congrats!! Now I know what I’m gonna ask you to make for me when I visit you in Finland πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ (besides sewing me some outfit, hahahaha………)

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