i MUST post this before 2013 ends: my last few sewing projects of 2013.

it might seem a bit strange, but i keep track on how many sewing projects i do every year, just so i know how much i have ‘achieved’. and this year, even with the renovation and moving, i managed to make the same amount of clothing items as last year (last year i sew other things too than just clothes, though): 2 skirts, 5 dresses, 1 pair of tights, 1 pair of culottes, 1 pair of pants, 4 blouses/tops/shirts. on top of these, i also sew 4 curtains.

these last 2 things i made fell into the category of blouses/tops/shirts, and they were both quickies, i.e. super easy and quick to make.


self-made t-shirt and shorts, H&M tights, Bianco shoes, Miffy watch.

when i bought the fabric, i meant to make it as leg-warmers. that’s why i only bought around 70 cm of it. but what do you know, it was enough for me to make a simple t-shirt! πŸ˜€

i like the Nordic print of the fabric, and i’ve never had any sweater or top with this kind of print before, which made me change directions to making this as a t-shirt. i didn’t use any pattern for this, just cut a T shape with slightly lower neckline for the front, and another one with higher neckline for the back, and 2 small rectangles for the sleeve hems.

nordictopdetailand i just HAD to put those metal studs again, of course. can’t get enough of small sparkling additions in this dark winter season! for the hem, when i tried it on before sewing it, it looked kind of plain just like that, so i decided to make it a bit more interesting by cutting a small piece off of it, creating a small indentation. again, this was done super quickly, the whole project (starting from cutting the fabric) only took 2 hours in total!

oh, and psst… that white & black curtain i used as the background? that’s one of the curtains i sew this year, too. πŸ˜‰




the LAST last sewing project of the year was also something i didn’t even plan on making when i bought the fabrics. i only had these tights in mind when i bought those acrylic/polyamide knit fabrics, but then since i used each colour for one leg only, i was left with quite a fair amount of fabrics. somewhere along the time when i didn’t do anything to those fabrics, i also got a small amount (as in 60 x 110 cm small!) of Japanese cotton fabric that has Alice in Wonderland print, thinking that it would be enough for me to make 2 place-mats (i would cover it with plastic/film that has adhesive on one side). whatever i was going to make from that fabric, i just had to buy it. i NEED to have that super cute Alice in Wonderland fabric.

and then, as what happened with my previous sewing project, i suddenly saw these fabrics together (the knit and the cotton fabrics), and a small light went on over my head.

i quickly flipped through some Burda Style mags, and found the perfect pattern, no. 127 from the August 2013 issue:


picture borrowed from BurdaStyle.com.

so if you think my previous sewing project wasn’t crazy enough (the small town/chicken blouse), this here will probably change your mind.


self-made sweater, Esmara tank top (worn underneath sweater), H&M pants, shoes from Dappermarkt – Amsterdam, Superdry satchel bag.

i personally think it was a good idea. in fact, i reeeaaaallllly love the outcome! πŸ™‚ i only used the pink knit fabric in the end instead of using all 3 fabrics combined, because that would probably really make my eyes go crazy. i’ll save the black knit fabric to be combined with something else. πŸ˜€

i didn’t use the blocks as shown on the pattern’s picture, nor did i use the zipper on the left shoulder. the whole project took me around 4 hours, still relatively quick for my standard!

alicesweaterdetailisn’t the Alice in Wonderland fabric just pretty? *sigh* the print goes both ways, so for the front sleeves i used it one way, and for the back sleeves i used it the other way (forgot to take close up pics of them, meh). there are gold coating on some parts of the Alice fabric that matches really well with the few gold threads on the knit fabric.




all in all, i feel like i had quite a productive year! i made a lot of ‘wearable’ clothes (meaning i don’t have to wait for special occasions to wear them, unlike on the previous years), learned a few new techniques, and also used a bit more of my older fabrics that have been sitting inside my cupboard for years instead of buying new ones. so thank you, 2013! you were a good year. πŸ™‚

here’s to new year 2014, may the sewing spirit be with me (and you, if you happen to like sewing as well)! happy new year, everyone!

11 thoughts on “quickies

    • pengennya sih bisa lebih produktif lagiiii, misalnya 2 minggu sekali bisa jait = 24 hasil jaitan per tahun gitu (padahal sih ga penting yaaa). pengen aja bisa jaitin ini bahan2 yg udh nunggu lama di dlm lemari, biar bisa beli bahan2 baru lagi. πŸ˜€ hyahahahah, gimana cobaaaa…

      celana H&M itu keluaran autumn/winter taun lalu. belom buka H&M di Indonesia waktu itu ya? kadang2 dikeluarin lagi loh klo lagi musim sale.. mau nitip? πŸ™‚

    • ya ampun, Oppie, akupun tak pintar menjahit kok, bener deh! cuma belajar otodidak pake pola2 yg ada di BurdaStyle.com, trus merambat ke pola2 dari majalah BurdaStyle… paling klo lagi tau2 ada ide, trus jadi nyari pola yg udh ada trus dimodif sendiri biar jadi seperti yg gue mau, gitu. my ideas mostly come from the fabrics themselves, biasanya gue tertarik beli kain aneh2 atau lucu2, walopun pas beli gue ga tau mau bikin apaan. abis itu baru deh cari pola yg cocok buat kain tertentu. πŸ™‚ jaitan gue juga ga rapih2 amat, mana ga punya mesin obras, jadi sisa2 jaitan di bagian dalem baju2 bikinan gue itu cuma sekadar pake jaitan zigzag.

      tapi… ga nolak sih ke Amsterdam lagi, hahaha! mauuuu…

      • Emang ya klo udah bakat mah huhuhu…gw bikin lap ajah mencong lol. Hey iya tar gw tanya2 tar klo bnyk yg minat kan lumayan puni plesir ke amsterdam sembari ksh workshop. Hehehehe

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