late summer

before you get the wrong idea from reading the post’s title, let me explain.

my hands had been itching to sew from last August, but thanks to the whole renovation/moving thing, i didn’t have space nor time to sew. just before the renovation started, i managed to copy a pattern of my next sewing project, but i never got around to actually doing it… until now.

hence the late summer sewing project. yes, i am very much aware of the fact that it’s no longer summer, and not even late summer anymore, but i refused to do any other sewing project before this one that i already somewhat started.


& Other Stories top, self-made trousers, ASOS cage shoes, pearl collar from Indonesia Wholesaler store, H&M insect necklace, Miffy watch.

pyjama pants! don’t you just love them? especially those that you can wear outside your house without feeling… er… guilty? (why you would feel guilty of wearing pyjama pants outside your house is beyond me.) anyway, i know they were trendy some years ago, i never wanted them then except to actually go to sleep, but for some reason i wanted to have a pair now.

the pattern is a super easy one from May 2013 edition of Burda Style mag, pattern no. 117. like all my other sewing projects, i already bought this fabric which has cute bird print before i even knew what i wanted to make of it, so when this pattern came and i decided to make them from this fabric, it turned out that the fabric was like 20 cm too short.

so i had to make the inside pockets from another fabric.

birdpantsdetail1(pretend you didn’t see my chapped fingers, please.) i used a similar fabric to the bird fabric i was using for the pants, which is polyester satin. for the drawstring, i used remnants of a cotton jersey fabric i bought years ago to make a t-shirt for my husband. i could’ve used the bird fabric for it, but i felt like it needed a different colour.birdpantsdetail2i like the result, though i should’ve probably loosen up the stitching a bit. since they’re too tight, if you see the pics more carefully, you can see that the sides of the pants are a bit crunched upwards. they’re not supposed to be like that. but i was too impatient (well, what do you expect? i’ve waited from last August to do this project already!! argh!), so i just did it as quickly as i could.




but whatever. at least now i have these cute bird pyjama pants, yay! sure, i still have to wait till next spring to wear them outside, but it’s always nice to be prepared with next season’s clothes & imagine that that season you’re waiting for is already here. πŸ™‚


8 thoughts on “late summer

  1. Bravo, bravo! I like the look very much πŸ˜€ And the drawstring in that colour goes very well with the bird pattern & colour !

  2. so cutttee!! i love them…i love these kind of pants I wear them a lot to work and jazz it up a bit with accessories and heels. Puni, why dont you open an online boutique? I will definitely buy all your creations!:)

    • that is the plan, eventually. πŸ˜‰ after all, i had a boutique once (not online) back in Jakarta.

      tapi entah kenapa sekarang di sini belum berani coba, dan ga sanggup deh kalo cuma jualan online tanpa kerja “sampingan”, karna ga tau apa penghasilannya cukup atau nggak.. sedangkan kalo sambil kerjain yg lain jadi ga sempet jait2, ihiks!

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