not myself

i realize i haven’t written here in ages, and i wasn’t planning to tonight, but since i’m not feeling like myself right now, i decided to go on with it.

by not feeling like myself, i meant to say that this will be a somewhat negative post. yes, it means i’m about to rant.

1. i wish people would stop following my blog if they are not really interested in what i’m posting here. seriously. shoo. go away! i mean, out of the 400+ followers, i only personally know, like, 10 of you? who are these followers? (not that i’m interested to know.) i know it’s not really my business who’s following me, people are free to follow whomever they want. but you know. it IS my business since it’s my blog. and i know you’d think, well, if you don’t want me to follow you, then why do you even make your blog public? well, because i do want to get followers, but not when they only follow me just because they thought i would follow them back. ugh.

2.  i haven’t sewn in ages either. nor bake. in fact, i have barely been productive at all, except for the fact that i’ve started writing a new story again (there’s one positive update after all: i’m now on page 100 already). anyway, this is due to the fact that my house is undergoing a renovation. things are everywhere where they’re not supposed to be right now. like the glass shelf is on the doorway between the living room and the kitchen. the computers and monitors are in the bedroom. the mannequin is on the sofa. the working desks are right in front of the door to our balcony. luckily our bed is not in the kitchen… yet. and this will still last for, oh, 2 weeks at least? could be longer, so the workers said.

3. don’t you just love your apartment’s laundromat? especially when it’s free. because then people could just break it over and over again, like my dear sweet neighbours (no, not pointing any fingers because i have no idea who actually broke it, but i just wish they would read the rules of using the laundry machine, for crying out loud!). i’ve lost count to how many times the laundry machine AND the tumble dryer have been broken and repaired this year alone, and right now we’re still waiting for the laundry machine to be repaired for the umpteenth time. meanwhile, we’re running out of clean underwears. oh, and since we’re having the renovation, we also have to empty some of our closets, which means all our clothes are stacked up in a pile in one closet. let’s see how many times they’ll fall when we open the closet during this renovation. should be fun to count.

4. speaking of my neighbours, i just sometimes can’t believe how irresponsible they could be. like last Friday, a neighbour’s dog peed inside the building, on the floor, right in front of the staircase (and next to the elevator). and it’s not just a small puddle, it’s huge, covering 2/3 of the floor of that area. people who go in and out of the building would almost be forced to step on it. now, nobody saw it happened, and nobody really knows whose dog it was. but the owner of the dog did not even bother to clean it. and guess how long the pee stayed there? it’s still there right now as i write this. (btw, i LOVE dogs. it’s the owners that i’m blaming for this kind of thing, just like when i accidentally stepped on a dogsh*t on the street, and it was so bad that i had to throw away my beloved boots, it was the owner of that dog to blame. i mean, come on, aren’t we humans supposed to be a bit smarter than dogs??)

so yeah. happy September, everyone! hope yours is much better than mine.


2 thoughts on “not myself

  1. i am sending you positive vibes from here! we sometimes have those moments..just take a “me” time and do fun things than can make you feel better. I live in a 10-storey apartment complex and I have had this dog “accident” twice in 2 years span. first was poo and the second time was pee…both gross…and poor building cleaning service had to clean it up since the dog owner was a douchebag.

    • hix hix, that’s the thing with living in an apartment, i guess…
      but thank you for the positive vibes, dear! would love to have some ‘me’ time, except that our house is such a mess right now (and i’m too lazy to go out). >__<

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