green, not with envy

couldn’t help noticing the repetitive colour scheme in our house lately: green, combined with a hint of pink.

the top pic is an IKEA fabric that’s been in use in our house for around 4 years. second pic is my towel, bought at Hemtex. the bottom pic is our newest fave home-made dessert: green tea/matcha sponge cake + matcha ice cream.

yep, i’ve been baking again, and this one was quite successful that i’m about to make another batch right now. 🙂 the matcha ice cream was made by my husband.

i got the recipe for the sponge cake here. since i don’t have baking soda lying around the house, after trying to find out about it from the internet i finally decided to replace the baking soda by baking powder. despite the fact that people around the world seem to think that they can not replace one another, but it turned out okay for me, because by putting in baking powder instead of baking soda all i had to do was to triple the amount and take out the acidic ingredient, which in this case was the yoghurt. so baking soda = (3 x baking powder) – acidic ingredient. something like that. :p

the only minor unsuccessful thing was again the slightly burnt surface of the cake (it’s supposed to be all green, mine was brownish from the top). but the taste was heaven. it was so good that my husband couldn’t stop eating them. (well, neither could i.) and the good thing is that since it uses no yeast at all, i don’t even have any tummy problem after eating this delicious cake! now i just need to practice more to get the feel of exactly how long i should let the dough be in the oven, since i seem to always let them stay there for a bit too long.

yep, we’ve certainly been a bit green lately. greenful of matcha, not with envy. 🙂

5 thoughts on “green, not with envy

  1. handuk nya super cute!!! 🙂 my hubby and i love matcha ice cream too! but never tried making matcha sponge cake, now i am tempted in making one after seeing it here :p

  2. I really like all three of the pink/green things. Right now I am all in for green also. You know, during the years, our home has been in blue, brown and red/black. Now it’s green/white. Sometimes I think there are too much of it 🙂

    • ooh, nice! our home has mainly black & white furnitures (= my husband’s fave colours), but i always try to squeeze in other colours for the textiles (because i love colours too much, LOL).

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