copy that!

yes, i’m guilty of making copies of these, again. though the originals aren’t even as expensive as designer brands’ stuffs, i couldn’t help examining the cut & small details, and then ended up getting a new fabric instead to make these stuffs on my own. i enjoy the process, and wearing something that’s self-sewn makes it feel even more special than wearing a known brand. i don’t know.

for this first one, it’s a simple dress from & Other Stories with small peep holes on the front and back.


image borrowed from & Other Stories.

it looked quite complicated, so i tried to think of a more simplified way to do the peep holes. i made the holes only to the front side, because i don’t really like my back. :p i also made it to have small sleeves instead of none, so it would still be proper enough for me to wear it to work. and i added front pockets. aaaand the fabric i used was completely different from the original one. so, with all these alterations, i guess i can safely say it’s not a copy after all, right? more like… inspired by. πŸ˜€ anyway, here’s the end result.

self-made dress, souvenir socks from Amsterdam (can’t remember the brand), ASOS cage shoes, African wax cotton fabric worn as headband, moustache bracelet from Indonesia Wholesaler store, beads bracelets handmade by Sekar.

the fabric i used was printed denim with a bit of elastic, and for the pockets & sleeves i used soft tulle (double layers). i really like the result actually, since not only is it totally different than the original dress, it’s almost like a ’60s kind of futuristic dress (hmm, that makes it… futuristic retro?? lol).


peepdressdetail2i didn’t use any pattern, just made some oval-shaped cuts for the front and back piece, and the ‘neck piece’ for the front (for the other side of the peep holes). and of course i made these with miscalculations and stuffs, don’t even get me started on that! but thankfully in the end at least it looked alright, though when i bend down or sit, i would have to pull up the dress a bit, otherwise the front neck would get too tight that i would choke. πŸ˜€ ah, beauty is pain.


the lining for the ‘neck piece’ and front piece.

found a leftover of the Laura Ashley fabric i used for one of my very first sewing projects in 2008, and though no one would be able to see it when i’m wearing the dress, i love being able to use this fabric again in this project! now i know it looks untidy here in the picture, but i swear i’ve finished the edges in zigzag seams so they shouldn’t fray even in the wash. for the closure, i used my new best friend, the lovely metallic zipper.



well, the dress might come across as weird to some, but as always, weird is good for me! it means less chance for anyone else to wear exactly the same dress as me. πŸ˜‰

the second one was a dress i saw on one of Amsterdam’s stores displays. we were rushing to take the train downtown, so i didn’t have time to try the dress on, let alone buy it. so i took a picture of it, and vowed to make it myself.


stripey dress on one of Amsterdam’s stores displays.

by chance, i found the perfect pattern for this dress in my old Burda Style 09/2012Β magazine, pattern no. 121. the end result is super!


self-made jersey dress, shoes from Dappermarkt – Amsterdam, H&M necklace, Indiska bracelet, Sophie Martin clutch.

the fabric i used was thick cotton jersey with stretch to both directions (length-wise and width-wise). because of this, i used my smallest size (my upper body is one size smaller than my lower part), and omitted the zipper.

i again miscalculated the amount of fabric i needed for this dress, since i’m basically using it length-wise for a few parts and width-wise for the others…. so thanks to my miscalculation, this was again not exactly a true copy of that dress in Amsterdam, because the stripes on the back side are all horizontal instead of partly vertical on the center back. and of course, the stripes on my self-made dress are a bit smaller than on the original dress.

optidressdetailbut nevertheless, i love the dress & it’s also super comfy! oh, i also didn’t add any decorations (beads/stones/sequins) to the neck part, unlike the original dress that has black plastic stones (i think), because this way i can wear it to work too, and if i need to jazz it up to wear it for a night out then i can just add a necklace or something.


optidress3and there we have it. 2 new (copied) dresses for the summer. to those people who originally designed these dresses, i sincerely apologize for copying them, but thank you for the inspirations! πŸ™‚


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