before 32

for the past few years it seems that almost right before my birthday, i would learn something new. last year it was learning how to bike. this year it was baking.

though i can’t really say ‘i learned how to bake’, since all i did was follow some recipes. but it really was the first time in my life that i’ve ever baked anything, if you don’t count the instant/frozen Christmas tarts or ginger bread cookies. as in, really started from mixing the flour, etc. and it was the first time in my life that it actually succeeded, which means it tasted good.

rotiboy1these are perhaps originally called Mexican buns, but since i found out about it when i was still living in my home country from a famous Malaysian bakery called Rotiboy, i always call it by that name, Rotiboy buns. it’s basically a buttery bun with coffee-flavoured topping. i found the recipe here.

i felt quite intimidated when i saw the ingredients and the fact that the recipe has so many steps of instructions to follow, but decided to do it anyway. i didn’t add the ice cubes, liquid honey, vital wheat gluten, and only used half of the amount of eggs needed, and yet they still turned out so good, it felt like a miracle. ๐Ÿ™‚

rotiboy2i still have to learn to put the topping more evenly so that the result would be more smooth, and also i would probably put less sugar to the topping (i put caster sugar to the topping instead of icing sugar). but all in all, the taste was so much like what i have known and loved from the original Rotiboy buns, and i was so happy that my husband loves these buns i made, too.

the second baking project was a bit less successful. i wanted to make ensaymada, a Filipino bun that i used to eat when i was in middle school. what i remember from it was that it was soft, buttery with lots of cheese on the top. i found numerous recipes for it and decided to somewhat combine this and this.

somewhere in the middle of preparing the dough, i felt like it was such a waste to use so many egg yolks (and especially since i couldn’t find any use for the egg whites, which meant i had to throw them away), so i again cut the eggs down to about half of what the second recipe said.

i guess that’s where my mistake was, because even though the dough looked perfect, and everything felt smooth sailing, when i took them out after baking them in the oven, they looked nothing like the pics of those recipes. they were so dry from the inside, and of course the outside too (i guess it got a bit burnt).

sorry for the messy pictures, i was a bit disappointed with the result that i only half-heartedly took these pics. and of course, obviously, i still have to learn how to make them look nice, like how to roll them and knot them nicely, etc.

anyway, apart from the fact that they were so dry, the taste was okay. i could use a bit more butter + grated cheese for the topping, but for the first attempt i guess it wasn’t so bad that i had to throw them all away to the trashcan.

i hope i will still have the desire to keep baking after the holiday is over. or the time to do it (since my other hobby, sewing, also needs a lot of time). it just feels nice to be able to do something in the kitchen other than cooking. but anyway, i’m glad i took the time to ‘learn’ these on this summer holiday, all before i turned 32. ๐Ÿ™‚


8 thoughts on “before 32

  1. applause…. for the rotiboy buns … hope someday i can taste them too ๐Ÿ˜€ Maybe u can look up some recipe that uses egg whites, haha….. who knows…so u don’t have to throw it away *_^

    • thanks! nemu sih resep yg cuma pake putih telur (tanpa kuningnya), cuma bahan lainnya ga punya. :p dan kalo beli bahan2 lain lagi cuma demi pake sisa2 putih telur itu kok jadi kyk maksain amat. huh.. merepotkan deh.

    • thanks so much, and thank you for posting the recipes on your blog! seeing the pics of the pastries you’ve made always make me want to keep trying to bake more stuffs. ๐Ÿ™‚

      the failed ensaymadas were my mistake completely since i didn’t put in as much eggs (and my oven’s lamp has been broken for far too long, i can’t even see if the buns are done or not from outside). hopefully next time will be better!

    • yes, please do try it, i believe you’ll succeed better than me (your cakes & pastries always look so yummy on your blog). it should be soft and buttery/cheesy. let me know when you have made it! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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