easy breezy (& crazy?) culottes

as always when the holiday comes, it means i get to have a bit more time to do what i want to do. so of course i would sew.

for this project, i used one of my many crazy-print fabrics. the fabric itself is polyester satin, and the pattern was actually printed in panels, so it was meant for making scarfs and stuffs like that. but of course i don’t want to make just a plain scarf out of this crazy-print fabric. no way. when i sew something out of a crazy-print fabric, i want the crazy print to be really seen. 😀

so at first i decided that i want to make pants out of it. but then i want them to be super wide. and for super wide pants that means i need double the length of the actual pants. which in this case is impossible, since the fabric wasn’t sold on a roll, but rather in pieces. i changed my plan so that it would be culottes instead. a pair of nice, easy breezy kind of summer culottes. when i wear them, it would look like i’m wearing a skirt, but i could actually run and bike with them.

i also didn’t want the project to be super easy, where i would just sew extra big culottes and put elastic band on the waist, so i had to look for a sewing pattern. luckily i found Burda pattern no. 7688 from my collection of patterns, so i used it and altered the leg parts to be even wider than the original pattern. it was basically almost half a circle for each leg; it was the widest i could make with a limited amount of fabric. i also changed the zipper to be at the back instead of the side, since i wanted the culottes to be wide on the sides & thought it would look strange if the zipper is on the side. and why not put the zipper to the front, you ask? because i was too lazy to make the fly. :p

the pattern was super easy even with the alterations i made, so the culottes were actually pretty quick for me to finish. for the hem, i first folded the fabric inwards once and sew it, and then folded it again inwards and sew it again, so the end result is a super thin hemline & it will still flow nicely in the wind.


Details t-shirt, self-made culottes, Spirit sandals, plastic bead necklace from Legian – Bali, & Other Stories clutch, Miffy watch.

i am loving the result! as the name promises, they’re easy to wear with anything in my wardrobe and biking with these are also super fun! the only thing that bugged me (a tiny bit) was that no matter how exact i placed the pattern pieces and cut the fabric, i still couldn’t get the print to match in the center seams. oh well, i suppose asymmetric print works for me too.


yes, seriously, they’re culottes, not a skirt! 😀


if you’d like to see the print of the fabric, you can click the last pic to zoom it. i don’t know if  you could see it or not, but right above the hemline, it actually says “Hermes”. 😀 but honestly, that wasn’t why i bought this fabric! i just love how it looks almost art nouveau-ish from afar, but as you get nearer you realize they’re actually colourful belts intertwining with each other.

the zipper i used was from my late grandmum’s old collection, and the button was bought from a local flea market. i always find it interesting to have a piece (or two) of old thing put into a new thing/sewing project. it makes me feel like i have a small part of my late grandmum’s soul in these culottes, or a small piece of memory from the one who sold this old button i used here. 🙂

one week of holiday has gone now, guess i’d better get back to enjoy the rest of it!


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