it’s official!

my long summer holiday has started, yippie!

to celebrate it, my husband met up with me after work last Friday, and then we ate out at the Midhill Burger restaurant in the city.

i must admit that even thought they’re quite unhealthy, but we just love American junk food (= burgers and hotdogs… and i ❤ fried chickens!)… among other foods that we love. 😀 my husband’s a burger person and i’m more of a hotdog person, but we  basically enjoy both. we occasionally eat out at fast food restaurants, but we also love trying out gourmet burgers and hotdogs in non fast food restaurants. the Midhill Burger is one of them. it is created and owned by a well-known Finnish chef, Hans Välimäki.

we’ve eaten there quite a few times, but this was the first time we tried the one downtown (the one we used to go to is at an amusement park). this one has more to offer on the menu, and we decided to try the burger of the day, midhill burger, and hotdog of the day. for the side dishes, we chose friend fries (= french fries) and bacon. and the result? full & happy tummies!

everything about the food was just perfect, the waitress(es) was so friendly & the place felt homey too. we spent almost exactly 40€ altogether, and considering that this is gourmet burger & hotdog, i’d say it’s a very reasonable price! (just as a reference, eating out at a Nepalese or Japanese restaurant here would cost around 60-70€ for 2 persons to feel completely full.) of course, we didn’t drink any alcohol, just the normal water… which reminds me of another thing.

this restaurant caused quite a stir a while ago when they didn’t write any price list for normal water & then it turned out that the water bottle costs like 3.50€. they finally printed the price on the menu for water bottle and also added normal water (Helsinki vesi) to the list which is a lot cheaper. but still it seems that people here can’t live it down, and keep making negative comments about this mistake that they did.

personally, i don’t see any problem at all. if you go out to eat at a restaurant, even a fast food restaurant for example, you can bet your a*s that water would cost a whole lot more than normal. i mean, come on… we’ve been to restaurants that charge 7€ for one small bottle of evian water! so even though we also experienced this ‘oops’ moment when we ate at Midhill Burger restaurant the first time (last year) and ordered the water bottle & paid 2 times 3.50€, we could understand that in a restaurant like that of course the water bottles are way more expensive than in supermarkets. if you mind it that much, then don’t order any drink & get yourself a drink from a supermarket after finishing your meal there.

anyway, i’m glad that the restaurant fixed the price list and also added the cheaper version of normal water. so if any of you want to try eating at this restaurant, i suggest you order the burger/hotdog of the day, and if you’re like us that you don’t really need alcohol to fire up your day, then don’t forget to order the Helsinki vesi (only available at the restaurant in downtown Helsinki). though of course you can also order their other drinks. 😉

back to last Friday now. after the fulfilling meal, we walked around the city a bit and landed on the doorstep of Kippo, a small frozen yogurt cafe. 🙂 after trying Sour Sally in Jakarta, i had always wished that there would also be a similar place here in Finland that sells frozen yogurt with all kinds of toppings. thankfully they heard my prayers and opened this cafe about 2,5 years ago, and i’ve been visiting this cafe ever since! this time, i had slices of strawberries, mangoes and dark chocolate as the toppings.

afterwards, we went home with big smiles and watched a movie on blu-ray till we (almost) fell asleep. but it didn’t matter.

because i’m officially on a holiday!


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