mini summer holiday 2013

last week we went on a cruise for a mini summer holiday to (where else) Stockholm. this was my third time going to Stockholm, the first time was in winter (and it was -20C when we got to Stockholm), the second time last summer and it was raining heavily with hard wind. third time’s the charm, they say, and they were right: it was all sunny and hot when we left Helsinki, and hot (& damp) in Stockholm when we arrived, which was much better than last year’s trip! it was sunny in the morning and got a bit cloudy during the day, but still very warm that i could even walk around without wearing my cardigan.

since last year my husband chose the destination (Vaasa ship museum), this time it was my turn to decide. and naturally, i chose to go shopping. so we spent the whole day downtown, and i finally got to see the lovely stuffs at & Other Stories with my own eyes (and touch them too, oooh!). we also went to 2 Muji stores, and American Apparel Store. none of those exist in Finland, so excuse me for being curious. while the stuffs in & Other Stories and Muji stores make me wish we have those stores in Finland, i unfortunately failed to see anything special in the American Apparel Store. i mean, sure, the stuffs are nice & cute, they’ve got some nice basics there, but that’s just it: they’re basic stuffs that you can find in H&M and Gina Tricot and wherever else for 10 times cheaper prices. i went there in the hope that i would find the infamous dual-tone tights, but not only did i not find them, i found that the stuffs there are over-priced (for basic stuffs). sorry, but i guess this brand is just not for me.

anyway, i’m just thrilled with the fact that i got one of the things i put on my wishlist: the rubber + wood clutch from & Other Stories! also an open back red top from the same store, and a t-shirt from Muji (love how they packed it in such a small roll). after all the shopping, i couldn’t resist taking an ‘Asian tourist’-y kind of picture of myself with all the shopping bags in front of the store as a joke.

this was yet again another successful (mini) holiday. πŸ™‚ our cabin on the ship was super nice, the food were all great, the weather was perfect… i definitely wouldn’t mind taking another cruise again this summer! πŸ˜€

9 thoughts on “mini summer holiday 2013

  1. Wow, I love cruises! nice pics. Yummy lobsters!!! I even never heard of & Other Stories stores..i just clicked it and darn! i like it. I also hope that Muji has stores in NL…I definitely will be spending my money there hehe. I agree with you with American Apparel, I have tried to like their collection because sometimes when I checked inside their store in Amsterdam they had crazy pieces I wanted to have, but the price tags made me cringed. Maybe if I were invited to a Disco ’80s theme and couldn’t find the outfit anywhere else, I would buy something from AA. If I need basics indeed, I will go to H&M or my Hema πŸ™‚

    • haha, kyknya Muji ga ada deh di Belanda… the good (?) news is, it’s available in Jakarta. cuma suka rasa mau pingsan aja liat nol2 berjibun di pricetags di Indonesia, rasanya kok mahal (padahal ya kalo diubah ke euro normal2 aja kali ya, hehe).

      & Other Stories emg baru buka kok, dia dari grup H&M but less mass production than H&M. belum banyak cabangnya, tapi moga2 bakal ke Finland & Belanda ya. πŸ˜‰

      adukh, kalo cuma buat sekali dipake untuk ke pesta kostum ’80an rasanya malah tambah sayang ga sih buang duit di AA?? mendingan ke flea market! πŸ˜€ atau bikin sendiri. *tetep males belanja di AA*

      wah, if you ever come to Finland, wajib coba berlayar ke Stockholm atau minimal Tallinn deh, terutama di musim panas. ntar pasti jadi ketagihan. πŸ˜€

      • Hahaha klo dipikir2 bener juga sayang duitnya ya kalo cuma sekali pake. Wah udah dibilangin juga sih sama temen2 yg asli Nordic, that I should spend summer disana sekali – kali….I WILL! *pecahin celengan babi*

      • hoho, ayo, marii mariii kemariii! yg bikin sayang cuma harga2 di negara2 Nordic gini agak lebih mahal dibanding belahan Eropa lain… jadi intinya klo main kemari emg mendingan cari second-hand market ajah, hihihi! yaaa, sama liat2 pemandangan yg agak sedikit beda sama NL. πŸ™‚

  2. Di Jakarta baru aja buka Uniqlo dan Cotton On. Untung udah kabur ke Bali sebelum sempat liat. Hihihi. H&M tahun ini atau tahun depan gitu deh, di GI sama PIM. Ikea tahun depan, tapi di Serpong. Wlpn nggak pingin Bali jadi kayak Jakarta, untuk 2 merek terakhir mudah2an ada di sini juga. :p

    Mau liat fotonya satu2 tapi belum bisa, koneksi internet pedesaan sejak kemarin. πŸ˜€

    • sempet baca soal Uniqlo buka di Jkt, klo Cotton On tuh apa lagi ya? (namanya mirip Cotton Ink, hihihih!) Ikea kok perasaan dari dulu dibilangnya “taun depan” mulu?? πŸ˜€

      yaa, setidaknya klo ga buka di Bali kalian masih bisa main2 ke Jkt buat liburan, trus belanja di toko2 itu. di Bali mah belanja produk2 lokal ajahhh, murmer (dan pastinya kualitasnya juga ga kalah sama kualitas H&M sama Ikea, barang2 mereka juga banyak yg made in Indonesia toh). πŸ˜‰

      oh and i’m sure you’ve noticed… ajaran lo udh gue terapkan di sini, buat bikin gallery post! πŸ˜‰ yay! thanks again!

      • Nah, iya.. Sebenernya barang2 Bali yang kualitas ekspor kalau disatuin bisa bikin semacam Muji tuh.. Hihihi.

        Cotton On liat aja. Gue liatnya waktu di SG sih, sempet beliin mama cardigan cuma SGD5 atau SGD10 gitu deh.

        Iya, gue liat gallerynya. Barter ilmu wordpress berarti. πŸ˜€

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