Matthew Williamson does Indonesian batik

okay, not really, but almost, considering this is his pattern i’m using as my newest sewing project.

i’ve had this batik fabric for almost 2 years now, not really knowing what to make from it. if you’ve read this (it’s written in Bahasa Indonesia though), you would know that i’m not really a batik person. i appreciate it, of course, but for some reason i don’t have that big of a passion for batik fabrics as i do for other print fabrics. but i try to. i can love the kind of batik that has cute colours and if it’s made into a more modern design, be it a piece of clothing, bag, or shoes. so i look for those. and found quite a few that i could really fall in love with. like this Lonkka dress (last pic on that post). my Kulkith & Up batik shoes (too lazy to link them up here, search for them on my blog’s search field, and you’ll find them :D). suddenly i saw the possibility of myself wearing batik, and finally took the courage to buy a piece of batik fabric (they’re usually sold in ready panels, around 120 cm wide and 200 cm long) so i could sew something nice out of it myself.

and then after 2 years, i finally decided to make it into this dress.

picture borrowed from

as i said before, the pattern of the dress is designed by Matthew Williamson, one of my most fave designers. it was from the September 2012 issue of Burda Style magazine, pattern no. 134. for a clearer picture of the dress, here’s the technical drawing.


picture borrowed from

i thought to use the edges of the batik fabric (which usually has a completely different pattern than the rest of the fabric itself) for the side panels, so that there would be a bit of a twist in it. and i also shortened the hem and did a higher back side because unfortunately my back isn’t really that smooth after i got the chickenpox 3 years ago. :p instead of doing the dress with a lining and facing for the neckline & armholes, i finished it with bias tape. (one word: LAZY. i’m a lazy seamstress. you should know it by now.)

so yeah, everything was perfect in my mind. it seemed like a great idea at the time when i was sewing it. but when i finished sewing it and tried it on…


self-made batik dress, second-hand blazer from Pasar Senen – Jakarta (shown on the other pictures) & Other Stories straw hat, Swatch watch, Spirit sandals.

…hmm… my newly developed love for batik was suddenly a bit crushed. to be honest, i feel like i’m wearing my grandmum’s old batik house dress (aka daster in Indonesian). please, PLEASE, tell me if you DON’T think so? was it a mistake that i made my batik fabric into something as “simple” as this?

batikdetail1this is what i meant by using the edge of the batik fabric as the side panels… apparently it’s not too contrasting to the dress itself, so it doesn’t have that much of a “twist” effect as i expected….

batikdetail2i used the selvage as the hem of the dress (again, lazy), so i didn’t even need to sew the hem at all. this came out quite nice, at least.


from the back i guess it won’t really look like my grandmum’s old house dress, thanks to the metallic zipper (which was a blast to sew! it was the easiest zipper i’ve sewn, ever!).

well, what’s done is done. i can’t undo this dress anymore, and at least it’s comfortable for me to wear in the summer. speaking of which, did you notice that this photo shoot was done OUTDOOR? and i wasn’t wearing any tights/stockings at all?? and i only had my SANDALS on?? yes, ladies and gentlemen, summer is finally here in Finland!!




if anyone tells me i look like a granny in her old batik house dress, i guess i could always say, “really? this is actually Matthew Williamson’s design.” it wouldn’t really be a lie, afterall. 😉


7 thoughts on “Matthew Williamson does Indonesian batik

  1. Kok bisa ya gue baru liat post ini. Gue tau kenapa loe inget daster Oma. Karena Oma emang punya daster berpattern & berwarna mirip ini (tapi lebih ngejreng). Hahaha. But no, the overall look doesn’t look like Oma’s daster. Mungkin ntar kalau loe lagi gak males bisa ganti bagian aksennya dengan kain lain supaya lebih jelas. *ngebayangin ngebongkarnya aja udah males ya? :))*

    • ahaha, no thanks deh… itu bagian yg paling susah dijait dari dress ini. pokoknya klo bersudut2 gitu susah deh judulnya. 😀 i’m already loving it now as it is anyway, dapet cukup banyak pujian dari org lain di BurdaStyle soalnya, huahahahaha!

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