happy May day to those who celebrate it!

it’s my 7th year living in Finland, and i still don’t understand this particular holiday. i mean, i do know the history of the holiday itself, but i don’t see the connection to the washing of statues here in Finland, and people going around wearing lukio hats (the kind of white hats you get when you graduate from highschool–“lukio”–here) and also putting the hat on the statues that have just been washed, the colourful balloons, the paper serpentines….

but i don’t want to be a party pooper. it’s fun seeing people here dressing up in funny costumes and colourful (!!) clothes for a change. it almost seems like Vappu is the time of the year when you can let your inner child go free and wild, and no one will judge you for that. why can’t it be like that every day, i wonder. :p

and it just so happens that i let my own inner child run free some days ago by getting this cool galaxy dress from the H&M kids department. (yes, there i go again.) when i was paying it at the cashier, the salesperson commented, “this galaxy dress is soooo cool!” to which i admitted that i bought it for myself, even if it’s meant for kids. she then went on to tell me, “yeah, but all the coolest stuffs ARE in the kids department!” and she told me that the blouse she was wearing (a cute dark blue blouse with white polkadots) was actually from the boys department there in the H&M kids, LOL. so yay for adults who dress up in kids clothes!

we already ate our Vappu foods yesterday, so today i was left with a bit of sewing. i know, it doesn’t really make any connection either, but it’s just my way of saying that i had nothing else to do today, and i wanted to stay in after biking around so much for the past few weeks (oh, yes, didn’t i tell you? the weather here has been wonderful enough for us to bike around!). so i sew.

nothing big, i only altered an existing denim coat (which looked more like a thick denim dress with long sleeves) into a denim jacket. and of course i jazzed it up a bit too.






i got the sequined fabric remnants like 2 or 3 years ago, thinking that i would one day put it to embellish the shoulder parts of some blouse or something. well, all i could say to my past self is, good thinking, girl! so what if the colours of the sequins don’t really go well with the brass-coloured studs, with enough confidence of the wearer, anything goes! 😉


self-altered denim jacket, H&M galaxy dress, H&M vest, self-made tulle skirt, ASOS cage shoes.

now since i’m wearing a galaxy dress with sequined & studded jacket and all that, i feel like looking at the stars and reading the future. or, well, i guess reading my tarot cards would do, too.




and this shall be my card for the day: the Lovers. looks like it’s time to get off the computer and spend the rest of the day with my lover, a.k.a. my husband. 🙂

enjoy the rest of your holiday, peeps!

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