i think that no matter how long i’ve stayed here in Finland, i would still always be happy when i hear some strangers passing me by here, talking in my mother language. i would still be ridiculously happy whenever i see something in IKEA or H&M that says “made in Indonesia” on the label. my day would still turn brighter when i see someone wearing Indonesian batik clothes. i would still jump at the chance of tasting Indonesian food in the ravintola päivä (restaurant day) or Indonesian bazaar at the embassy (because no matter how convincing my husband can be about how good the Indonesian foods i make are, when the food is made by someone else, it always tastes better for me!).

so it was only natural that my heart leaped when my mum told me that one of my most fave Indonesian bands, White Shoes And The Couples Company, is going to perform here. in Finland. very soon.

it was just by chance that i got to know this band back in the year 2004 (or was it 2005?). i was taking tabla lessons at the JNICC in Jakarta during that time, and one day one of our classmates, who is the drummer of the White Shoes band, said that they were going to perform somewhere (can’t remember!), and that we were all welcome to see their performance. back then the White Shoes band wasn’t that known yet, and if i remember correctly that performance was to promote  their first full length album. i was already planning to go to the said event anyway, because i wanted to see another local indie band, Goodnight Electric, which was also going to perform there.

so there we went, and i think the White Shoes band performed before the Goodnight Electric band. right there and then when i heard the singer sang her first note, i fell in love with them. 🙂 i’ve always loved anything from the old days (1920s – 1990s), fashion-wise and movie-wise. this band sings in the style of ’30s jazz music and ’70s Indonesian movie soundtrack. they also always dress up accordingly (wearing mostly ’70s styled clothes), that just by seeing them would already make you feel that you’ve gone through a time travel machine back to the past.

that was unfortunately the first and only time i got to see them perform live, because not long after that, i moved here. i brought their only album (at that time) when i moved here, and listened to it continuously, even played it on my wedding reception day. 🙂 i would always envy the people who live around Asia and the US, because ever since i moved here, i noticed that the White Shoes band would sometimes perform in those countries. i thought for sure that there was no way they would ever come to a (rather) remote place in Europe like Finland. :p but as luck would have it, now almost a decade later, they are coming here. Finland is not such a bad place to live after all, LOL.

when i traveled back to Indonesia the last time in 2011, i found out that they just released another album, and quickly got it for myself. this song here is taken from that latest album of the same name, Vakansi.

their performance here will be held a short time before my first batch of summer holiday starts. it seems appropriate to “start” it by listening to their Vakansi song, since it means “holiday” in the old Indonesian language (most likely taken from “vakantie” word of the Dutch language). as the lyric in the song says:

“Setahun bekerja kita membanting tulang
Inilah waktunya kita berlibur panjang”

which translates to: [after] a year of working hard, it is now time for us to have a long holiday.

i can hardly wait for both the band and the holiday!

PS. the music, lyrics, and video/still photos are not mine. i just borrowed them for personal use.

2 thoughts on “vakansi

  1. grup gamelan juga manggung loh di maailmakylässa. Tanggal 25 juga tapi pagian, jam 11.45. Jadi sebelum nonton white shoes nonton kita dulu yaaaaa *promosi*

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