the ‘feel good’ skirt

when it comes to fabrics and sewing, i honestly don’t have any preference, other than the fact that i love prints and patterns. back when i just started sewing, i swore by cotton fabrics, and hated everything that’s too slippery and flowy, like chiffon or anything stretchy, because i was too impatient to sew those kind of fabrics. πŸ˜€ so to be on the safe side, i sew cotton fabrics, more cotton fabrics, and even more cotton fabrics.

and then i got bored. and the price of cotton fabrics raised higher and higher with each passing year, so i decided to give those slippery and flowy fabrics another try, namely polyester satins and chiffons. i learned the benefit of having an iron nearby when i’m sewing these runny fabrics, and soon i learned to love them too. the only downside of putting on polyester fabrics against your skin is that you’ll soon feel hot, because polyester basically means plastic. :p

so i decided to try viscose. bought 3 different viscose fabrics at the same time, and sew super simple dresses & top without any pattern, and they all turned out so well, i was hooked from then on. viscose is a cheaper alternative for silk. it’s man-made fiber, but the base material is natural (wood cellulose), so it feels friendly to your skin, just like silk would.

to this day, i still love sewing viscose fabrics, and even though sewing them is always somewhat a struggle for me, when i see and wear the end result, it makes me feel even more proud of myself for being able to ‘conquer’ them.

from my work, i also got to know the fabric called cupro. just like viscose, it is man-made fiber, with a natural base material (wood cellulose or cotton). i first braved myself to sew it as a lining for my playsuit, and swore that i’d never sew cupro ever again, LOL. little did i know that i would change my mind 4 years later. πŸ˜€

i’m not sure what made me change my mind. probably seeing the lovely stuffs in COS store that’s made of cupro. πŸ™‚ that, and the fact that i don’t even have any good, solid-coloured skirt. every skirt i have has some crazy pattern, except of course my mini denim skirts (which are unfortunately too short to be worn without leggings underneath for going to work or informal family gatherings). i began searching for images in Google, what kind of skirt type would look good in cupro fabrics, and also searched my pattern inventory for the perfect skirt. as luck would have it, i found one from the May edition of last year’s BurdaStyle magazine, pattern no. 118.

image borrowed from for personal use.

it’s a simple one, because, well, it’s cupro fabric! if i choose a complicated one, i fear that i’d get too frustrated in the process, that i’d end up not finishing it altogether. the one used in that BurdaStyle picture is cotton, so of course, with my cupro fabric, it would look different: flowy/not stiff, the pleats a bit more indistinct, etc. but that’s okay, i made up my mind and started sewing it anyway.

slowly but surely, i sew my charcoal-coloured cupro fabric, and again, with my iron always by my side. it turned out much better than i expected, albeit kind of a plain-jane-looking. well, duh, i asked for a simple, one-coloured skirt, didn’t i? luckily, just when i finished sewing it, my metal studs order arrived! πŸ™‚ i tested them on this skirt, and yay! now i have a studded cupro skirt!


cuproskirtdetail2i like how cupro fabric has sort of a velvety look on its surface. it almost feels like velvet too, a bit heavier than cotton or viscose, but so breathable. just perfect for the summer heat! i also am now officially following the trend of studded-everything-ness, since it’s just so much fun to add metal studs to your otherwise blah items! i ordered mine from this Etsy store.




self-made viscose-tulle dress (worn as a top), self-made cupro skirt, Forever 21 necklace, all gift bracelets handmade by Sekar, tights from Pasaraya Blok M – Jakarta, Just Kulkith batik shoes.

please excuse my expression on the last pic, i was feeling kind of tired with all the snow & cloudy weather here. :p


unfortunately i forgot to take a picture of the zipper (zipped down). it’s my highest achievement so far in the world of sewing, because this kind of fabric is quite hard to get straight, and i managed to sew the zipper so well, i just feel so proud of it! πŸ™‚ the only minus thing about this skirt is that in the middle front part, the left waistband is a bit wider than the right one, for some reason. and if i want to make the hemline looks straight, i’ll just have to somehow keep an iron next to me all the time and iron it flat again and again when no one’s looking. yeah, right.

well, you can’t have it all. but i can definitely feel good (literally) wearing this skirt because of cupro’s breathable nature, and also feel good in my conscience since it’s a natural-based fabric!


2 thoughts on “the ‘feel good’ skirt

    • heheh, itu atasan bikin tanpa pola, cuma model persegi empat, trus bolongin bagian atas (buat lubang leher) sama jait sisi kanan kiri (side seams), beres! cuma gue kombinasiin tulle lemes buat bagian punggung, biar ada variasi dikit, tapi intinya ya cuma gitu doang. πŸ™‚ kinda like the infamous boxy shirt. πŸ˜‰

      dan ya, bilang2 aja klo udh siap jait & butuh masukan, will gladly help you! ntar pas ke Bali inget bawa pola baju Burda yg dulu gue kasih ya, lumayan buat latihan tuh.

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