army of me

i’m a different person at work and at home. i don’t know if that’s normal, but to me it has always been like that. it’s something that’s got to do with what kind of work you do, i guess, and since i’m working in a sort of a customer service kind of job, at work i don’t show my true colours 100%.

at home, (or anywhere else when i’m with my closest circle of friends/family) i am quite impatient. i have a short fuse, and it really doesn’t take much to make me get angry, especially when i’ve just lost some sleep (which happens quite often). thankfully my husband understands this and stands by me. 😀

at work, i have to be the exact opposite kind of person. i have to be patient, listen to what the customers want, and serve & help them from start to finish, so when they leave they’ll feel satisfied with the service. i do this around 50 times (more or less) a day, 5 days a week. don’t ask me how i can stand it, i also never thought i’d be able to do it for this long.

it helps to remember how i would also like to be treated when i walk into a store or some other similar place where i expect to be served well, and that, i think, is how i always manage to hold down my impatience at work. i wouldn’t like it if i was greeted with a sour face, so i smile all the time at my customers. i wouldn’t like it if i was treated with any kind of prejudice, so i always treat all my customers the same way, young or old, any skin colour, etc.

some customers come in with expectations that when they look like they have more money than others, that means they should be treated better than those others who don’t. some come in with expectations that when they say they’re in a hurry, even if there are 3 or 4 other people waiting in line to be served before them, they should be served first and right away. some customers look at people like me as if we are their servants. some customers blame people like me if for some reason they don’t find what they’re looking for, even if it just so happens that our working place doesn’t have that product or service to begin with.

and through all that, i always keep my smile and hold down my impatience. because that is what working in this line of work means. dealing with these kinds of people (and more pleasant ones too, thankfully) is an everyday thing.

generally, i am open to critics too at work. i can accept negative feedbacks, as long as they are constructive and right in their places.

but not when the negative feedback is a full-stretched exaggeration of what actually happened to the point that i believe this person was delusional.

i can understand that when we are angry about something, we feel the need for the whole world to know that. but must we really add untruthful details just to get the whole world to agree on our side, or sympathize with us? and do we think of what that means to the person/s who’s the object of our anger, when we start adding these lies to our stories? how would that (adding lies) help get us what we wanted by giving a negative feedback? we’re letting out our negative energy to other people, and at the same time brewing up yet another new negative energy from the object of our anger by telling lies about them.

when this happened to me recently, i was fortunate that my everyday attitude at work for the past (almost) 6 years was clearly visible to my boss that she believed my side of the story. but the harm was already done, the wound had happened to my heart, that i would always remember this for the rest of my life, how someone is capable of saying such a lie for God knows what reason.

not long after that, it happened the other way around to me, that i experienced an unpleasant service from some other place. i was so angry, and right away i called my husband to rant about it. he calmly suggested that i give them a negative feedback. so i came home, took a glass of water, calmed myself down, and built myself a happy mood before finally going to the website of this place to write a negative feedback.

i wrote as clear & accurate as i could, not adding any lies or unnecessary things, and i specifically wrote that it was not this one person that i was disappointed at, but the way things were organized in this place. after clicking the ‘send feedback’ button, i felt light and my positivity recharged.

no longer than an hour later, i got a reply from the general manager of this place. i got everything i asked for: apology, explanation, and promise for a better service in the future. mission accomplished, without having to ignite any new pain.

wouldn’t it be nice if everyone else also does it this way? imagine all the hurts and pains we could avoid causing to other people, just for the sake of your own anger being let out & heard.

i for one will keep on doing it this way. it’s effective, and it doesn’t even make me feel bad afterwards. 🙂 to this person who told lies about me and my other co-workers, you do know that you’ll only reap what you sow, right? keep sending negativity towards other, and you’ll only get more negativity in return.

and if you complain once more, just like Björk once said, you’ll most likely meet an army of me.

PS. the song, title, lyrics, and videoclip are not owned by me. i just borrowed them for personal use.


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