my imaginary spring

it’s April, and there’s still snow outside. the roads are still icy in some parts, and at nights, the temperature is still below 0C degree. it’s hard for me to imagine that spring is really coming, but these things might help:

1. remembering that the daylight saving time has started. that should mean spring is coming.

2. with the daylight saving time starting, the days are getting longer. the sun sets around 8pm. yep, spring is coming, alright.

3. put more colour into your wardrobe. no, better yet, put flowers into your wardrobe. okay, i WANT spring to come, whether or not nature is ready for it.

… if they all fail, then draw yourself a full spring scenery. nothing too fancy, even black and white will do. and…


self-made dress, & Other Stories straw hat, Swatch watch, gift bracelet handmade by Sekar, Up shoes.

ta-daaah! spring is here!

i used printed viscose crepe for the dress, instead of a knit fabric as recommended for the pattern. i just fell in love, as always, with the print on this fabric. i’m sure you’ve noticed it too, that there’s a faulty on the print, but at 4.50€/m, i’m not complaining. (and come on, it makes my dress one of a kind! nobody else in the whole world would have a dress with faulty print like this!)

the pattern is the no. 3 from the Drape Drape book (vol. 1), Drop-Waist Gather Drape Dress. the whole dress consists of only 1 piece (meaning no side seams, or top and bottom parts… it’s all in one). should be easy, right? wrong.

perhaps it was because of my fabric choice that i encountered problems with the back seam/zipper. when i first sew the dress as was (according to the measurements in the book, i’m a size L), the back seam/zipper looked so terrible. it was loose in all the wrong places, and because the fabric is loose as well, and the zipper is stiff, it made me look like i have 2 humps on my back. i repaired the neckline and resew the zipper 3 times just to get it right. oh, and 55cm zipper is also too long for me. i used 50cm in the end.


even so, when i saw the dress from the back on this picture…


… i had to cringe. the zipper still goes right and left in all the wrong places. ah well, but that was the best i could do, and if you had seen what it was before, you’d understand my being proud. :p

the gatherings came out nicely, thankfully.



in the original pattern, the hemline is straight. i modified it because i wanted to learn how to make the hi-lo hemline. i think i got it quite right, seeing the second picture from the top. it was a good thing too that i made it like that, because otherwise the dress would be way too short for me to wear. i wouldn’t be able to squat and feed the duck without showing off my butt.


so, can you smell the spring air now? the fresh grass, the newly bloomed flowers, the moist ground from the rain… yeah, neither can i. πŸ˜€

but i’ll hang on to these pictures and imagine that it’s here. soon (hopefully) it really will be!

PS. the background images for these pictures were hand drawn by me.


6 thoughts on “my imaginary spring

  1. awwww…….. sooo sweet and nice! Thumbs up for this dress, and the presentation with the hand drawn background !!!

    • thanks. πŸ˜€ berawal dari kebosanan sang suami (dia bosen karena klo fotoin aku background-nya sama mulu, LOL), akhirnya muncul ide gambar ini. dan tentu saja karna kurang kerjaan pas liburan kmaren. :p

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