wishlist #2

H&M group has done it again, and i must say, they really are smart! after their huge success with H&M, followed by Cheap Monday, Weekday, Monki, and COS, now they’ve created yet another brand called & Other Stories. i’m already quite sure it will be yet another huge success.

i took one look at their website/webstore, and fell head over heels with it. it’s a bit like COS, which means the clothes there are a bit more pricey than in H&M, and unlike H&M, & Other Stories has items that can last longer than one fashion season. the difference with COS is that, in my opinion, their items are a bit more playful and less serious. in a way, they are also more bold than those in COS. another difference is that & Other Stories also sell beauty products (skincare & makeup).

after going through the pages of their webstore, i made a wishlist (even though my birthday is still so far away, and Christmas is even more further away, snick!) consisting of things i’d love to get from & Other Stories.


all pictures including logo of the brand & Other Stories are property of the respected brand itself. i only borrowed them for personal use.

i absolutely LOVE the plastic oxford shoes (top left), i want them so bad! the rubber clutch with wooden clasp is so crazy, it’s so right up my alley. the green satin clutch reminds me of old school Barbie bag that has a handle(s) on one side of the bag so that Barbie can hold it still (since Barbie doesn’t have bendable fingers), LOL. the white-blue box bag is P.E.R.F.E.C.T. i just love bags that have clear shapes like box-shape, round-shape, with somewhat stiff material… (that’s why i never fell for Longchamp Le Pliage tote bags, no matter how trendy and popular they were some time ago). i want my things to stay in shape when i put them inside my bag, and i imagine this box bag would keep my things in perfect order.

the peekaboo moccasin sandals are so cute, i probably wouldn’t mind wearing them even when they’re made of leather (something i usually don’t like using/wearing). the high heel sandals look like such a perfect Scandinavian design (= clean, simple, minimalist with a hint of wood). the blue and black dresses both have uncommon cut, my hands are so itchy to touch them, examine them, and figure out how to make them. the bras have straps going here and there (soft bondage? hmm… yes, i’m sold!) and even the hook at the back is interesting to look at!

the asymmetric dress is another eye candy for me, i’d love to find out how to create a pattern for a dress like that and then sew it myself. the silver slippers with peepholes at the back… *sigh* can you please stop tempting me?? they’re down to earth with just the right amount of flirt. the names of their beauty products are so inviting, i want to smell all of them (especially this one, Shinjuku Bloom!). and the seaweed bath (which is really dried seaweed! i wonder if you can actually eat them, LOL) makes me wish i had a bathtub.

needless to say, after all this, i just had to give in and get one tiny thing for myself from them, especially since they just opened recently, they had free shipping service (at least it was still on earlier this week, but now when i checked it again, unfortunately it’s not free anymore :(). it’s just a little something for me to welcome summer (which still hasn’t even made the tiniest hint that it really is coming this year…).

also, for every purchase from & Other Stories webstore, you get to choose 1 free sample of their Bath & Body products, yay! for now, the countries which they can ship their items to are still limited to European countries, but hopefully soon they will also reach out to the rest of the world. and they should! πŸ™‚ i can already smell their success in the air.


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