we’re off to see the circus…

… the wonderful Cirque Du Soleil! โค

last Christmas, as a present from my mum-in-law, we got 2 tickets to see Cirque Du Soleil’s Alegria performance. the show was last Sunday (so yeah, the title should’ve been in past tense, but then i can’t sing it to the Wizard of Oz’s “We’re Off To See The Wizard” melody :p).

this was the second Cirque Du Soleil performance i’ve seen live, and i must say, they never fail to impress me!

unlike the Delirium (the first Cirque Du Soleil performance i saw live), this one was pure circus. from the ringmaster, clowns, to the acrobats & the aerialists. oh, and of course, there’s the singer. there’s always a live singer in Cirque Du Soleil’s performances. ๐Ÿ™‚ and thankfully, this circus doesn’t have animals. (i always feel sorry for the animals!)

the setting is almost always the first thing i notice (and judge) in these kinds of performances, because usually it’s there to view before the performance even starts. and in this case, it was impeccable. at first glance, it looked dreamy, just how i’d imagine a circus from my dreams would look like. as the performance unfolded, i began to see that everything on the set was also very functional and carefully measured (well, doh, of course they are), nothing was a waste.

the costumes are what i’m always dying to see whenever i go to see any type of art performances. just like in traditional circuses, the ringmaster had a red tuxedo with long tails at the back, the clowns had red noses and baggy trousers. the singer’s costume = i loved it! the performers’ costumes had to be practical, of course, since they all had to jump around, bend their bodies so much, or whatever else. but even so, i enjoyed imagining they were birds, or underwater creatures, and some of them even looked like some viking warriors (or maybe i just have a too wild imagination!).

in the Delirium performance, we got to see not only the performance of the dancers and singers who were on stage, but also some sort of light & multimedia show at the same time. in this one, there wasn’t any (except for a very small portion of light effects on the first half of the show), so the concentration really only went to the performers on the stage. i’m not saying that it’s a minus, it was just different between these 2 performances. i didn’t miss anything from this show, since i just love circuses, in all kind of forms! ๐Ÿ˜‰

my personal fave in circuses has always been any performance in the air. sure, i love everything else too, but the aerialists are always the ones that can make me take my hat off and bow. the way they time everything and cooperate with their partners, trusting them with their own lives… there’s almost a poetry behind everything they do. so i was so pleased to see so many aerial performances in this one! if you love them as much as i do, i really recommend you to go see Alegria the next time they’re coming your way.

i was also happy about the fact that the audience was very cooperative during the performance that i saw. right from the very beginning, the performers would include the audience to their show, which usually meant that the clowns (or one of them) would go down to the front audience seats (where ย the VIPs were), make someone do something, dance with someone, or bring someone to the stage to complete their act. all of the audiences that they chose that time cooperated with them, no one was too embarrassed to act goofy or be made to look ridiculous. had this been in my home country, i’m afraid most of the audiences would be too shy for this kind of thing, but then again, i guess i’ll never know.

lastly, i of course wanted to make the most of this “once in a lifetime” opportunity. so i got myself a little something from the souvenir shop, something i had never done before. (usually i’m too stingy to spend a single cent on the over-priced souvenirs.) i just knew that if i didn’t get this, i would regret it for the rest of my life. ๐Ÿ˜€


just so you know a bit more of what i’m talking about, you can view this video of the show (NOT made by me, i just borrowed it):

and for more info of the Alegria show, you can go here.

i’m so happy i got to see this show, and it was all thanks to my mum-in-law. i hope there’ll be other Cirque Du Soleil performances coming my way here. i can never get enough of their performances!

3 thoughts on “we’re off to see the circus…

  1. I went to my first Cirque Du Soleil show a few years ago, Corteo, & I have fallen in love ever since. The atmosphere & performances are amazing. I also got 2 mask from the souvenir shop that I now have hanging on my wall and they’re such a great piece of memorabilia.

    • i agree! to me, the mask feels more “authentic” than the t-shirts (though i wouldn’t resist the t-shirts either if i was offered one, LOL).

      are your masks also the same as this one i got? i was just wondering if this mask is specifically from the Alegria show, or is it the same mask for all Cirque Du Soleil shows? if they’re always different on each show, i might have to start collecting them, eep! ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Yes the mask are more interesting I have them hanging on my wall. They’re both completely different and colorful. I’ll try to get a decent picture of them. I don’t remember how the other mask they were selling looked since it was so long ago but if each show had different ones I would definitely start collecting them as well!!

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