the many uses of a spouse/partner, #1

someone to hold your hand as you walk on the slippery ice/snow in the winter.

i had to go to the lab today to get some samples taken, and since i also had to go to work, this had to be done early in the morning.

woke up super early, prepared myself to walk alone to the lab (and then straight to work), and i quickly glanced at the thermometer. -10,8C degrees. GREAT.

suddenly my husband woke up, and after a while he started to change his clothes, too. since he usually works from home, changing his clothes meant that he was going out somewhere. i asked if he was planning to accompany me, and it turned out that he was. šŸ™‚

so off we went to the lab, and that was when i found out the first wonderful use of having a spouse. the lab isn’t that far from our house, and we could reach it just by a 10 minute walk. that is, WITHOUT THE SLIPPERY ROADS.

but since the snow on the roads has, up to this point, melted and refroze for at least 10 times, what was left on the surface of the roads were super slippery ice. the sand that are usually put to cover the icy roads have all drowned to the bottom of the ice, and no new layer of sand have been added yet since it was still early in the morning when we walked out.

having a spouse helped. we held hands and together we walked slowly and carefully down the road (which was, literally, a downhill). when i slipped, he gripped my hand, and when he slipped, i did his, so that none of us would fall.

we arrived safely to the lab, of course. and afterwards, he also took me to the train station, where i would then continue my journey to work.

i was, and am, thankful that i have a spouse (or it could be just a best friend or partner, too, in other people’s cases). when walking together, it minimizes the chance of slipping and falling down. šŸ˜€

and believe me, you wouldn’t want to slip and fall down in this kind of condition.

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