Monki sweatshirt/tunic, self-made skirt and tights.

the funny thing i realized was: after every death in the family, the first sewing project i would have was sewing tights or leggings.

i made these last Sunday, mourning for and remembering my grandmum at the same time. i think she would have liked seeing these. πŸ™‚ or maybe she would think i’ve gone out of my mind. well, either way, i will keep the sewing going in our family, so don’t you worry about it, Oma. πŸ˜‰

i used some sort of acrylic knit fabric, or whatever it was. after i washed these in 40C, the front and back parts were squeezed or intertwined with each other that i had to pull them apart so hard just so i could get my legs in. i guess next time i should only wash these by hand. i got 1,5m of each colour of the fabric, though of course there are plenty of the leftover, since i only used each colour for one side of the tights.

the pattern for the tights was actually the same pattern as the one i used for these leggings. i added the length so that it was far longer than the length of my legs, all the way over my toes. and then when i sewed the inner seams, i made it so that the edges are closed with a sort of a U shape. and that’s how you make tights out of a leggings pattern. πŸ˜€

it’s that time of the year now when the sun is telling us that it’s spring, but the wind is telling us that it’s winter. the roads are still super slippery, with melted snow/ice being re-frozen. so on this day off, i preferred to stay home and cozy up with these tights, exploring my new Drape Drape book to get myself excited to start my next sewing project. and taking pictures, of course (actually, i forced my husband to take these for me).

i hope spring is really coming soon, and with it a new hope will also come.


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