the ugly duckling’s feet

monkifeet1once upon a time there was an ugly duckling. it was alone and sad, for no one seemed to like it. without a herd, the long winter felt cold and unbearable, the duckling started to cry.


monkifeet2but one day as the duckling was crying while sitting down the river (that had miraculously not become frozen in the winter), it saw a big suitcase. the duckling lifted it up, and saw that it had its name on it: FOR THE UGLY DUCKLING. the stamp said Monki. hmm. the duckling wondered what it could be….


monkifeet3the duckling opened the package, and out came a pair of soft & warm duckling feet! just perfect for the cold winter!


monkifeet4and so it was that the duckling got by the long winter with its new feet! so what if the duckling was ugly, at least it was warm now, and it knew that someone somewhere cared for it. THE END.


translation: i finally got these slippers from Monki! πŸ˜€

it was actually last winter that i noticed them there, though they were black back then. i thought it must feel nice and comfy to wear them at home in the winter, but as always i missed my chance, and soon enough they weren’t available anymore on the store.

then some weeks ago, as a Valentine’s day offer, Monki online shop gave us 14% discount off everything AND free shipping (only for that day, of course). i browsed the online shop, not really remembering the slippers in particular, but lo and behold, they have them again this winter! so i quickly ordered them, and i’ve been attached to them ever since they arrived. πŸ™‚ they really are super comfy & warm, and the box in which they came is so cute (i.e. the “suitcase”), i just had to take pictures of it.

just for fun, i decided to create a whole story with the photo shoot as well. the duck’s faces are hand drawn by me, and the pics are taken by my husband. now, off to enjoy the rest of my weekend!

worn on the pics: second hand blouse & skirt from Pasar Senen-Jakarta, self-made fluffy-tulle vest, Marimekko tights, Monki feet.


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