more of the nineties, etc.

it’s my day off today, and i decided to push myself to sew despite the fact that i didn’t really feel like it. it turned out quicker and nicer than i thought.

self-made cut-out tunic, Marimekko tights, Daisho socks, ASOS shoes, unbranded necklace, earrings handmade by my friend Eliza K.

i meant to make it a bit more loose, but it turned out to be this tight… so i suddenly got reminded of the nineties. particularly the rise of the gothic fashion. as always, just for fun, i dressed up accordingly. black eyeliner: check. choker: check. skeletons: check. weirdly cut dress: check.

the fabric is (i think) acrylic knit, and i used no pattern at all. first i started drawing on a paper how i wanted the shape to be, and after that i just started cutting the fabric. it only took me around 2 to 3 hours to finish it (from cutting the fabric till the very last stitch). that’s gotta be the quickest sewing i’ve ever done!

it made me feel good that i can still accomplish something even when i don’t really feel like doing it. and of course this photo shoot was fun to do, i haven’t dressed up in goth for a long time. plus, it’s a good reason for me to show off my new earrings.

*sigh* aren’t they just lovely? <33 they’re handmade by my dear friend Eliza Kesuma, the designer behind Moody Monday. i love how she can turn ordinary things (or even things some consider as junks) to beautiful pieces of art. her brand Moody Monday mostly sells interior stuffs like wallpapers, cushion covers, etc. which are also handmade by her, but in the early days, she actually also sold some handmade accessories. i have had my eyes on these ones from years ago, but due to various reasons i didn’t order them yet from her… until one day i noticed they’re not listed on her online store anymore. 😥

but then some weeks ago, i received a package from her, and among the stuffs she sent were these pretty earrings! they’re even more lovely than in the pictures, and when i wore them the next day to work… people loved them! so Eliza, if you’re reading this, i really think you should definitely consider doing more accessories like these for Moody Monday, or as a ‘side job’. 😉

one trivia: i just remembered that when we were kids (10-11 years old?), Eliza actually sold earrings too, though they weren’t handmade by her back then. i remember my mum bought some (or was it me?), and now 20 years later, history repeats itself, LOL.

my husband and i also made another batch of matcha ice cream. you wouldn’t think people would even dream of eating ice cream when it’s winter, but let me tell you, Finns do. 😀 as for me, i guess i’ve turned into one, because i do enjoy ice cream in the winter, too.

we ate it with Fazer blue chocolate bar, and it was just yummyyyy… almost like eating matcha chocolate. 🙂

another thing i made (not today, but last Sunday) was this little collar thing.

i know, the trend has passed for these detachable collars, but i never had the urge to make it until now. and i’m not really a trend follower anyway, so i don’t think there’s any harm in it. it’s made of cotton fabric (a small scrap that i’ve been keeping for, oh, 5 years?), and the button is from one of those odd (and old) button collections sold in tubes in flea markets. again, this was made when i actually didn’t feel like sewing, and again, i was pleased with the outcome. maybe i should always keep that in mind, to sew when i don’t feel like sewing, since the outcome is usually more satisfying than when i actually feel like sewing. maybe it’s because i don’t expect anything, and then when the result is actually good, i would be positively surprised?

anyhow, time to wash my goth make up now and head to bed. bye bye nineties once again!


7 thoughts on “more of the nineties, etc.

  1. Looks like you have a lot of fun and talent, to make something without any pattern and just start cutting away! You must have a lot of confidence, and yes maybe when you don’t feel like it you are more relaxed. Is Marimekko available at good prices in Finland? It’s SO expensive here, but I love love love it. I bought an iPhone cover, in black and white Kaivo pattern, and next I plan to buy the same fabric print and frame it for my kitchen!

    • thanks! i don’t think i have that much of a confidence, but sometimes i just tell myself to start cutting the fabric (with or without a pattern) to get it over and done with. if the result isn’t like what i wanted it to be, i can always turn it into something else. 😀

      i think normal Marimekko fabric would cost something like 27€/meter here, which is just the lightweight cotton ones. the canvas ones would cost more, and sometimes when the sale comes, we could get these fabrics for around 18€/meter. but the other products are quite expensive (for me), like dresses would cost around 120€ and above, coats cost something like 300€. so yeah, i don’t shop there often. :p just for special occasions, hehehe..

  2. …love the dress!! Am amazed you can just cut and sew without pattern! And the result is very nice, also the accessories you chose to wear with it are just right. Very “good look”. Bravo! 🙂

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