wanted: rain

okay, let’s see… we’ve been in 2013 for about 1,5 months now, and let’s just say, i haven’t exactly been having the time of my life so far. i know, it’s still too early to say, but right at this moment, due to various reasons, i’m feeling quite negative about things.

it’s been week after week that i just feel like everything i do is wrong, or no matter how hard i try to concentrate on doing something till the very end, i find that i can’t, and in the end the result is just not that good. you know, things like that. and i think this has also been the reason why i haven’t been sewing lately, other than just plain laziness. i began to lose interest in other things too, like writing stories, blog posts (that explains why i haven’t been here either :p), or even reading other people’s blogs.

but then again i know that i can be a drama queen sometimes (= all the time), so maybe there actually is nothing wrong at all, it’s just my own fear trying to get in the way, as always.

whatever the reason, today i decided to turn to my blog so i would have a reason to find the silver lining. if i want to write something, i need to find it, the good thing about which i’m going to write. i need to get some positivity back to my mind, and so i pushed myself to write despite the lack of energy.

the first thing that greeted me when i viewed my own blog was the header text, right under my header picture. “behing every cloud, there is a silver rain.” well, i thought, that might be the key.

i made that header to echo the famous saying: “behind every cloud, there is a silver lining,” thinking that it was the perfect way to insert my internet alias, Silverain, at the same time. little did i know that it would one day bring a small positivity to myself.

like millions of other people, i’m a fan of rain myself. the sound of raindrops on something hard, like a metal or glass surface, can always send me to a dreamy state. back when i was in my home country, i had no problem listening to it. whenever it rained back then, all i wanted to do is crawl under the blanket and enjoy the orchestra of the nature. though unfortunately most of the time that didn’t happen, as my home town was (and still is) notorious for its floods.

but after i moved here, i feel like i’ve become deaf. yes, we do have rains here, too, of course, but we have 3 layers of glass on each windows that are basically soundproof (and also very handy in winter, you see… the cold won’t get in to the house that easily), and we live in an apartment with no roof directly on our ceiling, so… gone are all my hopes of ever hearing the sound of rain as i go to sleep.

but why is it so important that i hear the sound of raindrops? because that, the lovely small drip drip drip sound, always make me feel refreshed. rejuvenated. recharged with positivity. just the sound of it can make me feel like i’m being showered from inside out, so that the negativity that’s inside me is washed away. yes, it’s important.

about a year ago, i forgot how or where, i came to know a nice little “site” called Rainy Mood.com. it’s not really a website that you can explore, but this discovery was like striking gold for me. because when you go to that link, you can listen to the sound of raindrops (plus some thunders… ahhh… those are quite rare here!).

ever since i found that site, whenever i need to make peace with my own mind, i would go there and just listen to the rain. like right now. 🙂 i actually listened to it quite a lot too while i wrote my first story. and then i discovered that you can also listen to some music while listening to the rain sound. if you have a fave music link on youtube, you can listen to both the music and the rain by changing the word “youtube” to “rainymood” on the video’s link. for example, if i want to watch this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kp6ygPPuqds with the sound of the rain, then i would type: http://www.rainymood.com/watch?v=Kp6ygPPuqds. if you love rain as much as i do, i suggest you try it.

right now, i’m enjoying Moonlight Sonata in the rain while i reload my mind with positiveness. any song or music i want to hear would sound much better with the sound of raindrops in the background. any negativity i feel would slowly wash away as i hear the calming sound of the rain. and so, i have found my silver lining, or silver rain, for now.

just like the header text of Rainy Mood says: rain makes everything better. i couldn’t agree more.


One thought on “wanted: rain

  1. Wowww, that’s a great discovery!! I tried it and it’s really nice. Thanks for sharing the “discovery” 🙂 I think you should take up music (lessons) again….. or singing…. to stimulate overall wellbeing.

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