treasures & green tea

my life’s been quite boring lately. other than work, i have nothing else going on, so naturally i had to sew something. :p


statement pants are all the rage at the moment. if you don’t know what they are, ‘statement’ is just a more bold word for ‘print’, so statement pants are basically pants with prints. the bigger and more elaborate prints the better.

but i prefer wearing skirts. so instead, i made a statement skirt. (actually, i made a skirt because i only had a limited amount of the fabric, but no one has to know the real reason, right? except you, that is.)

the second i saw this fabric, i knew i had to have it. the print shows all kinds of treasures: gold coins, crosses and coins, and even… um, smoking pipes? well, whatever the artist was thinking when he/she made the print, i adore it! the fabric itself is normal cotton, the kind that is usually used for patchwork. that means it’s matte, and when i wear this kind of print, i want it to SHINE. be GLOSSY. anything BUT matte.

luckily i have an extra black organza fabric lying in my cupboard (it’s been there for 5 years, LOL). so i put an organza layer on top of it, and started cutting & sewing.

i used no pattern, just calculated the radius of my waistline, and cut the fabric in circle. for the zipper, i sew it so that it’s exposed (my first time of sewing exposed zipper). too bad i didn’t have the same colored thread as the zipper’s allowance, i ended up using black and it shows (of course). it’s not that neat, but it’ll do for now.

for the hem of the organza layer, i tried melting it with electrical soldering iron, but the fabric’s too thin that it mostly just completely got burnt away instead. i persistently tried it though, and in the end i guess the result was okay-ish. it should hold until the next time i wash the skirt. πŸ˜€




H&M knit blouse, self-made statement skirt and necklace, stockings from Plaza Semanggi – Jakarta, Zara shoes, Swatch watch, earrings from India.

statementdetailaif you think you see something hanging at the bottom of the skirt, don’t worry, your eyes are correct. the organza i used wasn’t just plain organza.

yes, it has spider patches! πŸ˜€ there you go, 2 crazy fabrics in one. just how big of a statement can you make with this skirt? πŸ˜‰

after i was done with the skirt, i realized that i still have remnants of the print fabric. one piece of the remnant was a perfect circle, cut out of the waist part of the skirt. i immediately ironed an interface fabric to it and glued it to a scrap of leather, glued some fake stones here and there, sew some snap buttons on the opening at one side and…

… now i also have a statement necklace! πŸ˜€

other than ‘successfully’ sewing these things, this weekend we (me & my husband) also succeeded in other things. on Friday, i got off early from work, and after eating at our fave Nepalese restaurant, i went to get a bubble tea drink. back in my home town, finding a bubble tea drink is just as easy as opening your mouth, and when i moved here 6 years ago, i was so depressed since the words ‘bubble tea’ were practically unheard of here. but starting from last summer, i noticed a small new cafe in the city center called ‘Bubble Tea’. i was ecstatic to see it, and finally, 2 days ago, i managed to try it.

it was just as i had hoped it would be, and i love how we could choose our own ‘bubble’, so that instead of just the original black tapioca balls, we could also ask for other things, like green apple jelly, mango jelly (if i’m not mistaken), etc. since i already missed the original black tapioca balls so much, i asked for that one, mixed with lychee balls. they work well with the kiwi tea i ordered! :’) so happy!

the only thing i wished they’d have is kiwi milk tea, but this is already a great step forward from not having any bubble tea at all!

yesterday, i had a day off, and again we went to the city. this time we went hunting for green tea bubble drink (there are 2 cafes now that sells bubble tea here, yay!). green tea beverages (and other products) are still rare here in Finland, and the best we could find usually would be some westernized bottled green tea, or then just the original warm matcha in some Japanese restaurants. in my home country, even the Starbucks sell green tea frappuccinos, and donut cafes would have donuts with green tea-flavoured icings, and the list goes on.

however, as we walked to the cafe that sells green tea bubble drink, we came across a store/cafe called TheΒ΄ Huone. my husband instantly remembered that he once bought a green tea chocolate bar there, so we tried our luck and went in there to ask for it. yes, they did have the green tea chocolate bars, so that was another thing checked from our ‘wish list’ of green tea products we want to find in Finland.

we then asked for green tea powder, almost certain that the answer would be no, that they didn’t have it. for years we’ve tried looking for green tea powder in Asian stores and even in the most popular Japanese convenience store here. we could never find it, but now, to our surprise, the TheΒ΄ Huone did have matcha powder! and quite a wide range of it, too! we quickly bought a small pack, and after getting the green tea milk bubble drink we originally came for from the other small cafe, we went to a supermarket to buy a pack of vanilla ice cream & full cream milk. our mission is to try making our own matcha ice cream (for starters).

my husband got to work on it immediately after we got back home, and after about an hour, we tried our first home-made matcha ice cream. it was a GREAT success!! πŸ™‚ thank heavens for TheΒ΄ Huone! unfortunately we don’t have any pictures to share, but trust me, it was GOOOOOOOOOD! maybe we should open our own booth of matcha ice cream on the next ravintola pΓ€ivΓ€ (= restaurant day, when everyone & anyone can open a pop-up restaurant for a day, anywhere they want in the city). πŸ˜€

now the weekend’s over, and it’s time again for boredom. but that’s okay. at least i got treasures on my skirt & matcha ice cream in the fridge!

PS. to view bigger versions of the pictures, you can click (some of) them. πŸ™‚


9 thoughts on “treasures & green tea

  1. Very nice skirt & the whole combination looks nice….. You’ve done it again! πŸ™‚ the earrings look familiar πŸ™‚ haha ^_*

  2. Di sini mulai booming lagi tuh bubble tea. Antreannya panjang banget, khususnya yang namanya Chatime. Toppingnya selain tapioca balls dan konnyaku sekarang ada pudding & grass jelly (cincau hijau). Oh ya, trus bisa pilih gula & esnya berapa persen juga. πŸ˜€

  3. Nice dress, nice pictures, nice haircut and yes, please do open your own booth of matcha ice cream on the next ravintola pΓ€ivΓ€, don’t forget to tell us where you are going to be πŸ™‚

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