and then… the holidays are over, the end.

last day of the holidays! argh!

and it’s still… 5 months away till the summer holidays. gulp. let’s hope this year flies by as quick as the last one. amen.

to help pass the time, i guess i’ll write some posts, and i’ll start with announcing that my 6 years of hairdresser-celibacy (= not going to the hairdresser) has finally ended. for 6 years, i promised myself to not step into a hairdresser since i couldn’t accept the fact that a haircut here costs 10 times more than i’ve ever spent on a single haircut back in my home country. i’ve always up to this point cut my own hair, and my husband helps with the back side. but this time we’ve just cleaned the bathroom and my husband refused to help, so… what else could i do? it’s been more than a year since my last haircut, and i’ve had enough of eating my own hair whenever there’s the big wind gushing down on my face. so, to the hairdresser i went.

it wasn’t even that complex kind of a hairstyle that i ended up choosing, because frankly, i felt like i’ve tried every possible hairstyle throughout my whole life. i’ve had long hair, straight, curly, Japanese curly, short, super short, with bangs, parted from the middle, parted from the side, asymmetrical, red, blonde, green, you name it. the only style i’ve never tried was completely bald, but i know that if i had gotten that, my boss would send me straight back home until my hair grows back. so for now, i opted for a nice, normal, parted from the side, short haircut.

yes, i’m happy to report that it was a success. however, i’m not in the mood to post pictures of my new haircut right now, so i won’t. it’ll be posted whenever there’s something else worth posting about. :p

but i’m in the mood to post other pictures.

the illustrations i made for the magazine are now officially out. πŸ™‚ for privacy reasons, i can’t tell you what magazine it is, except that it’s from my home country. i’ve promised to show my illustrations here, but since i only hold the copyright for the illustrations i made, i’m blurring the other parts of the pages. for the other pictures shown in those pages, they’re not mine and i do not own them. aaaand, since there are so many copycats out there in the vicious world of the internet, regretfully i will only show them in small sizes. okay, i know there are so many restrictions, and i do apologize, but one can only be too careful of what one puts on the internet. you’ll never know what might happen one day, and where it will end up later.

so, here they are. πŸ™‚ you can click on each of the picture for a slightly bigger version.








first i drew them with pencil on regular A4 papers, and inked them using permanent markers 0.5 (for the body & bigger outlines) and 0.1 (for eyes and other delicate parts). for some i also gave shadings using 6B pencil after i inked them, and gave the skin colour using copic pens. and then i scanned them and did the rest of the colouring with the computer, including some of the figurines’ skin colours.

if you see the real thing, you can see that there are actually the star signs of each of the figurine embedded as the patterns of their clothes, or on their accessories, or as the shapes of their accessories. it was a super fun project, and one of the “biggest” illustration set i’ve done for quite a while now. so happy with the result, and even more happy to hear that they (at the magazine) are happy & satisfied with it too. πŸ™‚

i was told that they are also to appear on their website, but up to this point they haven’t appeared yet. well, all in time.

guess i’d better log out now and enjoy the few hours left of my holidays. toodles!

PS. if you ever need any freelance fashion illustrator, feel free to contact me! πŸ˜‰

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