happy new everything!

well well, 2012 went by so quick! i wonder if it’s a sign of old age when you start to feel like it was just yesterday that you said “happy new year 2012” before you realize that it’s time to say “happy new year 2013” already.

unlike 2010 or 2011, 2012 was a year of being home. we did go out of town (or the country, to be exact),  mini trips to Stockholm and Tallinn in the summer. but the rest of the year we spent by being home, watching movies whenever possible, and me sewing, my husband working from home. and biking! all over the city back in the summer. 🙂 but yeah, compared to the previous 2 years, this year seemed more quiet, in a relaxing way. the end of the year brought some good things, just in time for welcoming a new year.

new year, new hope, new me and new you… so naturally the first post of the year will be about new things. (actually, that’s just an excuse for me to write what i’m about to write.)

firstly, this was supposed to be posted before 2013, but i got too lazy so i never got around to do it until now. it’s my last sewing project of the year 2012.

i call it the Nirvana sweater, as in, you know, the late Kurt Cobain’s band, Nirvana.

i did it without any pattern, just 2 squares for the front and back pieces (a bit shorter for the front piece, as i wanted it to have contrasting hemlines on the front and back), and 2 smaller rectangles for the sleeves. i adjusted the sleeves while trying it on, to make them fit my arms & not be too loose. it was done in around 2 hours (and i’m a rather slow seamstress!).

self-made sweater/blouse, Zara bermudas, H&M tights and necklace, unbranded socks from Pasaraya – Jakarta, Cat boots.

after it’s done & i tried it on, i realized how it looked a lot like Kurt Cobain’s infamous green sweater back in the Nirvana days, hence the name. (and the photos) 😀

i’m a bit disappointed at myself though. i thought i’d be able to sew more than i did last year, but all in all i “only” made 14 clothing items, 1 cover for our footstool, and 3 cover boxes for my husband’s flight simulator stuffs. 😦 i think i was more productive in the previous years, i wonder if this is again another sign of getting old? or then i have just been lazy.

right, let’s move on to the next thing. this one i got as a “thank you” gift from my husband for helping him with his work, which was really nothing compared to what he himself did to make his product all by himself. but i won’t let this kind of chance pass, of course! 😀

i once wrote here that for normal winter time, the coat i would wear was my filled cotton coat, which basically served the need, except that it didn’t have any hood. another thing was that since it only had buttons as closures, it wasn’t really warm enough sometimes, and of course, cotton meant that it took a long while for the coat to dry up whenever it got soaked in the rain/snow. so i decided to get a new winter coat, one that doesn’t have to be too warm like a down coat (my down coat still works fine), but warmer than my wool coat. this time, it’s got to have a hood, and if the material is also water-resistant then that would be a good bonus.

this was what i ended up getting.

i have to say, when Superdry (the brand of the coat) first came to Finland, i wasn’t that excited for myself, because the style of the clothes are just not my cup of tea. i was excited though, because they have clothes that are exactly right up my husband’s alley. so i started getting him stuffs from the store, but since it’s quite a pricey brand, i never could get anything more expensive than, let’s say, a sweater. but when i was looking for this kind of parka coat, the only shop that i could find that has what i was looking for (and for a good quality, so i won’t have to buy a new one every year) was Superdry.

this coat was the last in stock in the store, and they only had M and XL sizes. i have heard that the sizes there are much smaller than the usual sizes, probably because they try to make it in Japanese sizes (although the brand actually comes from UK). so i tried the M size… and when i closed the zipper of the inner layer, i couldn’t breathe since it was too tight, LOL. the salesperson then said that there was no way i was an XL size, so we left the shop without even trying it on. a few weeks after that, we came back to the store, only to find that they still had the same sizes. but my husband pushed me to actually try on the XL size, and so i did. and yes, it actually fitted!

the salesperson (different than the first one) came and told us the thing that we already knew, how their sizes are smaller than usual, and said to me that the one i was trying on looked good on me, even though it’s M size, and not S, as she thought my size was. (and yes, i do usually wear size S for tops and blouses) we burst to laughter as we told her that it’s actually the XL size that i had on, and she looked so surprised and shocked, seeing that the XL size actually fitted me.

oh well, if she couldn’t even tell the difference, i guess no one could, so we got the coat and now i have a hooded winter coat! yay!

look, there’s even these holes on the rib parts for my thumbs to go through! 😀

the last new thing was something i got for myself for fun after working on the illustrations for that magazine. my very own reward. :p

these tights are called Pipa from Marimekko. my mum-in-law told me how she likes to reward herself with Marimekko stuffs whenever she does some extra work, and now i feel like i’m becoming like her. 😀 there’s just something about Marimekko, indeed. and the fact that their stuffs aren’t exactly cheap makes it so that we (or at least, i) only get them when there’s something special to celebrate. and now Marimekko has an online store… just perfect (and dangerous).

anyway, the online store was where i first spotted these tights, and they were on sale right now, but being the stingy me, i thought that if i could find them in the actual store, why would i have to pay extra for the shipping? :p so i tried my luck at the nearest mall, prepared that i wouldn’t find them, but there they were, one pair left. they were in S size. oh dear, i thought, i usually wear M size for bottoms, and i asked the salesperson if they still had other sizes. she said these were the last pair, and that they had quite a lot of elastane on them that if she was me, she would have no doubt that they would fit perfectly. i wanted to believe her, and in the end i did, so i got them anyway. tried them on as soon as i got home, and voila! they fitted perfectly, and not the slightest bit too tight!

i love how they look almost normal from the front, and then the surprise big dots at the back. i guess you can’t really see it from the pictures, but the stripes are white and grey, and the big dots at the back are black. or of course you can see them from the Marimekko website.

so now i can properly say: happy new year! happy new hope! happy new you! happy new me! happy new everything! 🙂


8 thoughts on “happy new everything!

    • hihihi, waktu baru liat di website Marimekko, aku sampe kebayang2 semaleman… makanya akhirnya aku beli biar ngga nyesel di kemudian hari (halahhh… udh kyk ngomongin apaan, padahal cuma tights! :D)

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