the week’s update

so right after i wrote my last post, my flu became worse again. i had a terrible running nose, and since it’s so fricken dry here (especially now that it’s winter), the skin around my nose became so irritated, it felt like it’s burning every time i breathed. however i kept going to work, since i just couldn’t admit that i was that weak. :p big mistake. Friday as i finished work, i felt like i was ready to drop to the floor and not get up for the next 10 years. in reality though, i went home normally, and took a nap. the next day, we went to my mum-in-law’s house to celebrate her birthday… and right after lunch, i felt it again, like i was going to black out soon. i finally gave in to it and excused myself to the guest bedroom to sleep, but not before measuring my temperature. and yep, i got fever, alright. 2 hours of nap, i woke up feeling a bit better, so we excused ourselves to go home right away before i again would start feeling unwell. at this point, i no longer had terrible running nose, but i started having coughing fits. seemed like the flu went to the same cycle again, from sore throat, to running nose, to coughing fits.

the next day, i slept and slept, and yet i still felt tired all the time. my temperature was steady at around 37C, so i didn’t dare to do anything else but a bit of laundry and watching TV from bed. my husband got me coughing medicine, and it seemed to work. on Monday, fortunately i had a day off. i felt better in the morning, nor did i have fever, so i went out to do some grocery shopping, and even managed to finish ironing the clothes. Tuesday morning, everything felt fine. so i went to work normally, only to find that by the time i’ve done half of the day’s work, i began feeling weak and tired again. Wednesday morning, i pushed myself to go to work just to get a few urgent stuffs done, but then after 2 hours of work, i measured my temperature and it was again 37.4C. for crying out loud, what the hell was it this time??! i excused myself yet again from work to go to the health center, got myself checked for any infection… and yet they found nothing. everything was normal, they said, and so it was just my flu. i needed to sleep, they said, and so that’s what i did all day Wednesday. after a long sleep, i woke up feeling even worse, though it was probably mostly mental rather than physical. i began feeling a bit depressed for not getting well when it’s been over 2 weeks since i first got the flu.

as i lied on the bed, i silently wished someone would just give me a placebo, as it would probably ‘cure’ me. then suddenly i heard my husband saying he’ll get me something, and after a few small noises from the kitchen, he came to our room with a glass… and something brownish yellow in it. i immediately knew what it was though, so it wasn’t really a placebo, but it was still funny that he brought me that when i had just wished for a ‘miracle cure’.

this ‘miracle cure’ that he gave me was rum. 😀 it was half a joke, since we both knew how in the old days, whenever someone got sick on a ship or in a small town/village that had no doctors, he/she would be given rum, just because it would relieve the pain. neither i nor my husband drink alcohol, except for a quarter of a glass of white wine at family gatherings, or a glass of champagne at weddings/birthday celebrations. but it just so happens that my husband had a bottle of rum he got from his ex-colleagues years ago, and it had just been there in our cupboard.

since i was just so desperate, i forced myself to drink it anyway. it wasn’t much, just about 2cm of a small glass (and yet it took me so long to gulp it all down, LOL). the other half of me wanted to believe that it would probably make me actually feel good (though hopefully not drunk), even though the other half knew that my husband was just half kidding. but ‘lo and behold, after about half an hour or so, i did start to feel okay. i managed to see things positively again, and yesterday (i still got a sick leave), i woke up feeling much better. i guess those seamen knew what they were doing with their rum. :p (for the record, i didn’t drink the rum anymore after that one time.) my cough was almost completely gone, and so was my running nose.

so today i went back to work…

… only to find that it’s a snowstorm day. well, isn’t it just great. went to work more than an hour before my work started (to anticipate the storm), only to hear that they cancelled the train that i usually take to work. i went to the other platform to take another train, and let out a sigh of relief when i made it just in time for the train…

… only to go halfway to the city and get stuck in the same place for about 10-15 minutes. i still had my hope, since i wasn’t late yet. but when the train started to move forward again, there was an announcement saying that on the next stop, the train would again have to wait for another half an hour before it would finally be possible to go to the city (= my destination).

seriously?? is that some sort of a sign that i should’ve just stayed home???

needless to say, i got out at the next stop, and followed the crowd who, like me, were also looking for an alternate way to get to the city. i managed to get into a bus that went to the city, and got to my workplace 5 minutes before my shift started. what a way to start a workday after a sick leave!!

fortunately, because of the storm, it was dead quiet at my workplace today. it was fortunate, because that meant that i didn’t get too tired, though for some reason my running nose became worse again. (insert a hair-ripping & frustrated sound effect here.) as soon as i got home, i used the rhino horn neti pot that had helped me many times last week during my terrible running nose episodes. it has always worked for me, so let’s hope it works again this time.

now all i can say is… thank God it’s Friday! … which doesn’t really mean a thing when you have work on Saturdays, but anyway, it means that tomorrow is the last day of work for the week! and then, it’s back to bed & sleeping in for the whole day on Sunday!

PS. this snowstorm is actually pretty serious. you can read some of the news here, here, and here. and of course, it’s just my luck that the snowstorm will continue tomorrow, too. may the force be with me. :p

2 thoughts on “the week’s update

  1. wow, the name of the snowstorm is the same as you know who :)) :)) :))
    Well, hope you get 100% well soon. (and btw, that’s why some people become alcoholic, don’t u think > coz it makes you feel better, see things positively, joyfully…. hahaha)

    • the storm is named after the name day (nimipäivä), and it so happens that yesterday was his name day. 😀

      yes, i agree about alcohol, but thankfully i can never like the taste of it, LOL.

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