song of the moment

my second day of staying home from work, because of my flu. (not a bad one, but the sore throat was quite unbearable and yesterday i felt so sh*tty, i spent the whole day in bed.)

i have many ideas to write, but since i still feel like i can’t write a single coherent sentence, i’ll save those for some other day…

… and post this instead.

this video has successfully made me laugh in the midst of the flu! (my fave part: Fozzie Bear saying “let me joke!” and Statler & Waldorf’s reply “we will not let you joke!” :D)

it certainly reminds me of when i was around 6 or 7 years old, staying home from school because of some illness (from flu to measles), and watching the Muppet Show for entertainment was the highlight of my days.

PS. i do not own the video nor the song/music. i only borrowed the video for my own personal use.


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