it was a good week

1. managed to face and get over my second biggest worry of late. this worry had something to do with my work, and at the same time i also managed to finish what i had to do at work, so it’s quite an accomplishment. now i can finally relax and wait till Christmas time. 🙂

2. found out that there’s a German Flight Simulator magazine that made a review of my husband’s product and gave it a score ’95 out of 100′. a great achievement for a first-timer, indeed. 🙂

3. am having a proper weekend this week (which means i have both Saturday and Sunday off, which is uncommon for someone who works at a store).

4. we celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary by going to a Nepalese restaurant in the town. i got off early from work, and my husband came to pick me up. afterwards, we just went to a movie store to look around (yes, we are indeed movie geeks!), and when we got hungry enough we went to the restaurant. got a place right next to the window, in a bit of a secluded place, and it even had a candle on the table, so it was sort of a “romantic candlelit dinner” without it being intended to! it was the BEST FOOD EVER, from the appetizer down to the dessert. this restaurant was actually right across the restaurant we ate at on the day that we got married, so as we walked out after eating dinner, we saw that other restaurant too and got reminded of our wedding day 6 years ago even more. afterwards we went to see the bookstore (yes, we are also just plain geeks!) until the store closed for the night. after we arrived home and took a shower, we continued by watching a blu-ray movie. it was a nice, quiet celebration. 🙂

next up for the weekend: gonna make some joulutorttu (Christmas tarts), watch more movies on blu-ray, and tomorrow is Father’s day so we’ll be visiting my husband’s dad at his home to have lunch there. yes, it was (and still is, for now) a good week. 🙂

4 thoughts on “it was a good week

  1. Happy anniversary ya, Puni! moga selalu langgeng amiin dan hey ternyata anniversary kita deketan yah? aku juga baru ngerayain kemaren hehe…

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