forgive me, God, for i have sinned. it has been waaaay too long since the last time i designed a piece of clothing, and instead, lately whatever comes to my mind is how to copy clothes i see in stores. :p

i have always had that hobby of just going to some clothing stores, to see what is on trend these days (though i don’t follow trends myself. still, it’s nice to know, especially when you work at a store). when i find something interesting, i would try to figure out in my own head, how was it made? what would the pattern look like?

i never went to any sewing courses or fashion design school (the closest i had gone to was a fashion illustration course), and though i was taught how to make my own clothing pattern back in middle school, i used to HATE the subject so passionately that i don’t remember a thing about it. i wish i had paid more attention, because now whenever i want to sew something, i have to find the closest possible pattern first and then alter it the way i want it to be. most of the time, i only have time to copy a ready-made pattern without making any alterations, so i’ve become more and more lazy to design clothes.

these clothes that inspire me from clothing stores don’t necessarily cost that much. sometimes even cheap pieces from H&M make me want to own them. if something is ridiculously cheap and i can wear the item as many times as possible (meaning, it won’t go out of fashion any time soon), then i would probably give in and buy it. but if i happen to have fabrics that i know would look great for that type of clothing, no matter how cheap it is, i would mostly end up making my own version of it.

for these ones though, the original ones are unfortunately a bit too pricey for my budget, so it’s only natural that i try to make my own, right? and i wasn’t actually even planning to copy them, but i just happened to come across the patterns and got reminded of the original ones.

this was the first one, pattern no. 113 from Burda Style magazine, the August 2012 issue (English version).

i was just going to make a harmless peplum top out of this pattern when i realized that no matter how hard i tried, i couldn’t make the neckline look good (maybe it had to do with the fact that the fabric i used was polyester satin instead of wool or wool blend as recommended), so while i was pondering how to fix the problem, i remembered that i had always wanted to put remnants of my pleated tulle fabric as a collar one day. i decided to sew bias tape on the neckline first, and then attached the pleated tulle on top of it.

and this is how it came out.

which could be a copy of this:

COS pleated collar top

i absolutely love it though, and i’m sorry i’m not ashamed of copying it. :p to me it’s almost like a modern & simplified version of the jester’s costume from back in the old days.

after cutting the fabric, i just realized that the heart prints on the middle front and middle back of the top are in completely wrong directions, LOL. but so what… i decided that the top looks cuter that way. 😀  when i wore it last Sunday to a brunch with my husband’s grandparents, they both made compliments on the top!

self-made peplum top and tulle skirt, H&M sequinned leggings, ASOS shoes, Next watch.

the second one was this, pattern no. 107 from Burda Style magazine, September 2012 issue (Finnish version).

when i bought the magazine, i was actually looking forward to making another dress. but when i came across this picture, it reminded me of a dress i once saw at a well-known fashion store in the previous summer. except that that dress had no sleeves.

and by chance, i found the perfect leather piece to make this dress, and also a cute wool/wool blend knit fabric. this is the result.

which could be a copy of this:

COS leather pocket dress

this was a fairly easy project with a cute result! i used the neckline of another pattern on the Burda Style magazine 09/2012 (pattern no. 106), but otherwise everything is exactly from the pattern no. 107. the fabric i used is stretchy enough for me to comfortably slip in and out of the dress, so i didn’t install any zipper at all. for the neckline, i used the other side of the fabric as the right side.

this was my first time sewing genuine leather, and it probably would’ve gone great if only my choice of the dress fabric wasn’t too thick that it caused my sewing machine to jam when i tried to sew the leather pockets. in the end i had to sew it by hand. :p not the most neat sewing, but whatever.

as always, i love how it turned out, and will be wearing this dress quite often in the winter here!

self-made knit dress, tights from somewhere in Jakarta (don’t remember), Next watch, Zara flats.

i named this dress the Loopy dress because of the yarn loops on the fabric. in close up, they make the fabric look like bird feathers! 😉

i don’t think they’re that bad as products of copies, LOL. it reminds me of a character from the Heroes tv series, that girl who could copy other people’s abilities just by seeing them do it (can’t remember the character’s name). i’m not nearly as cool as that though, but it will do for me.

PS. images from Burda Style magazines belong to whoever took the pictures, i only borrowed them for personal use. images from COS store also belong to whoever took the pictures, and i only borrowed them for personal use.


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