who cares?

ever felt like you’ve tried so hard to do something and done your best at it, only to find that nobody cares?

here, let me show you an example:

it sucks, doesn’t it? first you’re like going out there and giving it all you’ve got, and in the end all you get are flat looks from the others and half-hearted (if any at all) applause….

it’s happened to me, though maybe not on stage like Mitzi and friends on the video clip. and after experiencing it a few times repeatedly, it was time for me to learn that sometimes, it’s just that nobody cares.

so sometimes when i worry too much (as you know from my previous post that i am the master of worrying), i try to tell myself this. i try to imagine doing the gig like in the video clip, and then imagine the faces of all the people i was trying to ‘impress’ doing what the audience did in the video clip, looking at me in an ‘i couldn’t care less’ kind of look. sometimes, after the worrying part is over, i realize that that’s exactly what happens. i get nothing out of my big effort, not even a simple appreciation (or even apprehension?) of what i did.

but some other times, i’m surprised to find that that’s not the case. some people do care. and what surprises me sometimes is that the people (or person) who care aren’t the ones you were aiming to impress in the first place at all.

i’m not writing this because of anything that just happened to my life recently. this is simply a small note for myself (i may forget this in the future, you see) to never stop trying hard to do something, and do my best at it. i may get those bored faces and no applauses, but who cares about that? if no one else care, at least i’ve gone out there to do it and do it good. and who knows, someone unexpected might just care and surprise me with it.

PS. one of my worries that i wrote on my last post is now gone. it’s over, i did my best, and what do you know, i did get a small kind of appreciation for it. 🙂 the other worry is coming up in… one more week. LOL.

PPS. i did not make the video/music, just borrowed it for personal use, and share it with the rest of you.

PPPS. personally, if i had been there to watch Hugo Weaving… i mean, Mitzi, perform on stage as a drag queen, i would jump up and down like his wife and child in the movie. i mean, what’s not to love from that performance???? the costumes are just AMAZING. 😀


2 thoughts on “who cares?

  1. >>it’s over, i did my best, and what do you know, i did get a small kind of appreciation for it<< ….. nice 😀 Yes, I'd say just keep going, do your best even if (it seems) nobody cares….. what's important is that you yourself care enough to give everything your best 🙂

    • thanks.. yes, will keep doing so, and you know.. as long as i know i did my best, it usually makes me feel more content with myself too. because it would feel like i’ve completed something 100%, regardless of whether or not other people notice it. 🙂

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