it’s okay to be scared

i fear the future.

i fear the not knowing.

i worry, almost with every breath i take.

it’s probably something i chose to do, long before i was me, long before  i started this lifetime. i know i have the power to stop myself from worrying, but maybe i don’t want to. maybe worrying keeps me going, even if it’s uncomfortable for myself.

something is worrying me right now, i mean even more than usual. i’m scared, nervous, and yet i know, i chose this.

at the same time, i keep on going forward. i may shiver in my shoes, but i keep my legs walking. time will only lead me forward, and there’s no other way than to face my fears, but that’s okay.

it’s okay to be scared, i say to myself. it’s okay, because it keeps me going. it makes me want to face my fear, face it now, the sooner the better. and when i get through it, most of the time i would look back and say, hey… that wasn’t so bad after all.

and after that? it’s time to find a new worry. 🙂

(for the acoustic version, please click here.)

Wear It Like A Crown – Rebekka Karijord

I don´t know where this fear came from
how I became so afraid of losing everyone
never been afraid of being lonely
now I´m becoming the one I´m most scared of being

I don´t know where this fear comes from
this fear of failing fear of letting everyone and myself down
its growing deep into my soul
making me all paralyzed and cold

It´s two steps forward, three steps back again
I´ll turn my face against it I won´t run
Courage and belief are my redeems
No one else can rescue me it seems

Cause if I don´t follow my heart this time
I´m gonna forget what this life is all about
I´m gonna take that path I´m going in on my own
I´m gonna take that fear and wear it like a crown

PS: i did not make the video/music, just borrowed it for personal use, and share it with the rest of you.


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