don’t ‘like’ this post…

… unless you really do like it. and for you to really like it, you’ll have to read it till the very end of this post. :p

before we get to that part, let’s start at the beginning.

why do i blog?

waaaay back when i had just started my internet adventure (must be some time around 1998-99) and decided to have my own website (for KiSS dolls, in case you’re wondering. look it up in Google if you don’t know what KiSS dolls are), i opened up my very first journal. it was the easiest way for me to put news on my website, and every other KiSS doll artist back then had Livejournal blogs, too. for 2 years, i kept it, and kept my website. at some point, i had to close down my website, but i kept my blog because i had become somewhat friends with those KiSS doll artists in Livejournal.

when it was time for me to move to another country, i decided to move to Multiply. some of the reasons are personal, but i just felt like beginning something new, you know, a new chapter in my life. this time, my blog was intended to let my friends and family back in my home country know what i was up to, etc. just like what i do now, i used to just ramble about stuffs in my head, what i did last week, and things like that. it’s a personal blog after all, and it’s much easier to write down those things i want to tell my family/friends on a blog than writing them a personal email one by one.

and then i picked up sewing as a hobby. actually, i just LEARNED how to sew about 4 years ago, and soon my blog was full of posts of my newest sewing projects.

then, as you know, Multiply’s closing down, so i moved here to WordPress. the purpose of my blog stays the same. somehow, moving to a new ‘home’ made me write as frequent as i did when i had just opened up my blog in Multiply. maybe it’s just the excitement of a new blog, or maybe it’s because everything is easier here in WordPress. so i write at least once a week, and post a song/music video at least once a week too for fun.

somewhere along the line, after moving to WordPress, i grieved for the loss of a dog named Romppu. and that was when everything changed.

one night i was just pouring my heart out, writing down my own memory of sweet Romppu, and the next thing i knew, that post got Freshly Pressed. my tiny little post got hundreds of views, some 60 or so comments, and it seemed as if everyone knew Romppu. i have to admit, the second i received a notification about the Freshly Pressed thing, my mind went from “wow, nice!” to “… wait a minute… do i actually WANT to be Freshly Pressed?”

well, it didn’t really matter what i wanted, since you can’t say no to the fact that your post will be Freshly Pressed. (or can you? i don’t think it was something optional. when they sent me the email, i’m pretty sure there wasn’t any ‘decline’ button or link included.) but that’s okay. the good thing about it was that it felt heart-warming that people cared enough to write down their condolences, and i made new acquaintances with nice people around WordPress.

but still, i never asked to be exposed like that. or to have 60+ comments on a post. and with these things, came the ‘followers’… and the ‘likers’.

now don’t get me wrong, if you have stumbled upon my blog because of Romppu, and you really did like what you read, i have no problem whatsoever that you’ve ‘liked’ my post(s). in fact, thank you for dropping in and liking it! and if you really do like me/my blog that much, that you decided to ‘follow’ me, then welcome aboard! it’s very nice to meet you! πŸ™‚ i love getting to know new people, including you.

as time went by, though, i couldn’t help feeling that some of those people were just caught in the moment. either that, or then they pressed the ‘like’ button so that there’s a small trail of them left behind on my post for other people/visitors of my blog to click, and by doing so they would get more visitors to their own blog.

maybe it’s just my own suspicions, and yeah, i don’t really care about it either, but, as always, i feel the need to write this down. it’s just a sad thing, i guess, to be ‘liked’ for this reason, or ‘followed’ by ghosts. i’d love to know that those who ‘likes’ my post really do read my post, from the beginning to the end, and really do like it. it would make me feel much happier to have just ONE of those than ten of the fake ‘likes’.

that said, i also have to admit, that i won’t press the ‘like’ button on your post if i don’t really read/like it. so whenever i do ‘like’ it, rest assured that i DO really like your post. πŸ™‚ i won’t follow you if i don’t really, REALLY, like your blog. but on the other hand, i hope you won’t ever feel pressured to ‘like’ or ‘follow’ me back just because i’ve ‘liked’ or ‘followed’ you. that has never been my intention whenever i ‘like’ or ‘follow’ anyone. as i said before, i’d rather have ONE real reader/follower than 10 ghost ones.

so that’s the end of this post. if you like what you read, then please do ‘like’ this, but otherwise… please just move on to your next daily activity. πŸ™‚


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