coat/jacket-o-meter (=bored on the weekend)

even among the millions of things to do over the weekend, the little thing called boredom found me. and what do i do when i get bored?

i take pictures.

not of the sceneries, since i’m not even a real photographer (and i don’t even have a good camera), but just of clothes. and since i don’t have any other live model at my disposal, i usually wear the clothes myself, d’oh.

this time i was apparently so bored, i even had a theme for the photo shoot. πŸ˜€

ever since i moved to Finland, i’ve become best friends with coats. coat is something i don’t wear in my own home town, where the sun shines the whole year round and the temperature never drops below 26-27 C. at the coolest temperature back there, i would probably do with a short jacket or cardigan. but in here, it’s a different story. the first day after i arrived here (it was November back then, and there was already snow), the one thing we did was get me a winter coat. a few weeks after that, i got myself yet another coat, and when spring came, yet another one, and so on.

i stopped buying coats after having at least one coat for every season, LOL. but i can tell you that they were all good investments, since i still wear the same ‘coat-set’ every year, in turns. πŸ˜‰

and this is how:

1. -10C and lower = down coat

this is me on a hard winter. sometimes i would even wear tights/leggings inside my jeans to warm my legs. and if you think long johns are outdated and that you’d never wear them in a million years, well, that’s probably because you’ve never been outside your house when the temperature’s -25C (or lower).

i’m not sure if the down coat i have is really filled with duck’s feather or not, since it was a cheap one. but it works all the time, and this coat is actually the one i bought right after i moved here. the faux fur trim on the hood helps with the harsh wind so it won’t freeze my face. when the wind is that hard, i’d usually still wear a knit cap underneath it to warm my ears.

the boots are also good investments. when it’s been snowy, and then it gets above 0C, and then suddenly it gets below 0C again, there’s a big chance the snow will get very slippery. so a pair of no-nonsense boots like these are much preferable than ending up with a plaster cast after slipping on the road. since my boots aren’t that tall, i keep the rest of my legs warm by wearing leg-warmers.

the gloves are leather, lined with Thinsulate material. they’re not that warm, so i usually keep my hands inside my warm pockets. πŸ™‚

when the wind is not that hard, or if there’s no wind at all, i’d wear the coat with the hood down.

H&M down coat, pants, knit cap, and leg-warmers; Caterpillar boots, Thinsulate leather gloves (can’t remember where i got them!).

see why i needed to get those pants?? they’re about the only colourful thing i can wear in the winter here, snick!

2. -9C to +7C = filled cotton coat

JC coat, H&M pants & leg-warmers, Caterpillar boots, Thinsulate leather gloves, earmuffs from Daiso-Jakarta, Lindex shawl.

this is again a filled coat, but the filling is polyester. the shell material is heavy cotton, and the lining is polyester too, i think. unlike the number one, i don’t necessarily wear tights or leggings under my pants, and if there’s no wind at all, it’s enough that i put on my earmuffs.

this is the second coat i got, but since it’s cotton, the cuffs are starting to be worn out… and the down side of this coat is that there’s no hood on it. so if it snows while i’m wearing this coat, then i’d have to use the umbrella. :p

3. +8C to +12C = wool coat

H&M coat, Lonkka dress, unbranded tights, Lidl rubber boots, CottonInk shawl, gifted knit gloves from a friend.

huzzah for colours! this coat has no filling at all, just wool shell and polyester lining. i’ve been using this coat for 4 years, and it’s still good as new! a year ago i was looking around the Zara store downtown, and suddenly a woman came to me and asked, “excuse me, could you please tell me where you got that coat?” πŸ˜€ LOL. i told her it’s from H&M, but that unfortunately it was from years ago, that she wouldn’t be able to find it anymore there.

the boots are another cheap investment, bought from Lidl supermarket. πŸ˜€

knit gloves are enough for this temperature, and when it’s not that cold, i don’t even use any. these are gifted to me from a co-worker who went to her retirement earlier this year. i don’t know if she made it herself or not, but the colours are so me!

4. +13C to +16C = trench coat

Zara coat, unbranded tights, ASOS canvas boat shoes, CottonInk shawl, Lidl umbrella.

the one coat i rarely use, because of the colour. πŸ˜€ but luckily this year is all about neon colours, so i wore this a lot (even though i actually bought this coat like 5 years ago). the shell is polyester, i think, and the lining is cotton. it’s enough to protect me from the wind, but if it’s still the cool wind that’s blowing, then i’d wear a cardigan or long-sleeved shirt underneath it.

5. +17C to +23C = jackets & cardigans! yay!

second hand blazer from Pasar Senen-Jakarta, Lonkka dress, unbranded tights, Up shoes, Swatch watch.

ahh… finally, time to say goodbye (for a while) to the coats! for this temperature, any jacket, cotton or polyester, will do. sometimes even a cotton cardigan will do, too. or, if you still want to hold on to your coat, then i guess a simple cotton coat (without any lining) like this can give you enough comfort.

for the days when the temperature is over +23C, i rarely wear any jacket/cardigan, but again it depends on the wind.

and there you have it, my coat/jacket-o-meter, a product of my weekend boredom!! πŸ™‚


8 thoughts on “coat/jacket-o-meter (=bored on the weekend)

  1. LOL, I couldn’t help laughing reading this. Because of everything, the content, the writing style, the foto captions…… The captions are really so you, like a fashion magazine. The ingeniousness of finding a theme for this phot shoot :))
    Well, keep this up, nice blogging!

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