common people

back in my college years, i was interested in witchcraft. not dark magic, of course, but wicca as a religion, or a way of life. i read books about it, and also tried to find anything i could about it on the internet (in those old days, there wasn’t Google or Wikipedia yet, i believe :D). i made my own spells too sometimes, and in fact, my first website was almost “dedicated” to witchcraft.

nowadays, i settle for a different kind of magic. after all, life itself is magic, wouldn’t you agree? 🙂

so i spent the last weekend preparing my own magic. it’s done now, and as with all other magical things, i’m quite pleased to see the outcome.

this is what i’m talking about:

this blouse pattern no. 103 from Burda Style magazine 05/2012…

… plus this magic trick from Pattern Magic book, vol. 1…

… equals this magic blouse!

okay, i have a confession to make. i have all kinds of crazy fashion items (like mini skirt in striking blue colour with neon pink faux-fur pockets, and light blue dress with glitter all over–very disco-ish!), but i don’t have any normal ones. i don’t have basic black pants, for example, or normal black/blue blazer (thank goodness i never worked in any ‘formal’ office).

with this particular magic, i wanted to make something basic. something normal. something common. a common white blouse.

but on the other hand, i know myself too well, that i can’t bring myself to use something normal/basic. so i wanted it to have a bit of a twist.

er… make that a BIG twist.

i made it using very thin & sheer linen (or linen blend, not really sure) fabric, but when i was halfway there & put it on my dummy, the bow hung sadly & looking so lifeless. so i thought an interface and lining would do. i put them only on the bow parts, and for the lining i used super thin cotton. for the part below the bottom bow and before the buttons, i ‘patched’ the edges with a bit of bias tape.

these pics were taken right after i finished sewing it, so please ignore the yellow lines on the blouse (they’re from the chalk).

needless to say, the magic tricks worked. now the bows are stiff and have more volume, just as i wanted them to be!

self-made magic bow blouse, second hand pleated skirt from UFF, H&M tights, Zara flats.

as you can see, the bow can be tied in different ways. i’ve seen 3 so far in the Pattern Magic book, but only managed to tried 2 of them. but that’s the beauty of it, i guess. every time i put the blouse on, i’ll have to explore a new way of tying the bow! yay!

there goes my attempt to be ‘common’. 😀

while sewing this blouse, i kept hearing this song over and over again in my head, so i thought i’d share it with the rest of you, as always! here’s Pulp with ‘Common People’.

PS. the images from the Burda Style Magazine 05/2012 (Finnish version), Magic Pattern vol. 1 book, and the music video are not owned by me, just borrowed for personal use.


8 thoughts on “common people

    • hey-ho, Susan! iya, bisa jait asal ada pola dasarnya, hehe… aku juga belajar sendiri kok (ga pake les ini itu, langsung hajarrrr!), skarang udh kira2 4 taunan deh ngejait. hobi yg menyenangkan (apalagi buat org yg gila kain sperti daku, hoho!). gut lak ya buat belajar jaitnya. 🙂

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